necklace or bracelet? you choose!

I change my mind all the time. 
It is one reason why I have never gotten a tattoo, but also why I own 100 shades of lipstick yet never wear more than the clear stuff. My indecisiveness also means that on numerous occasions, I have packed 2 or 3 pairs of black heels for a weekend trip.

While the "Silkee" won't help me choose lipstick or encourage me to get a tat, this multi-use accessory will help save space in my Samsonite!! I love having more than one choice.... sometimes.

"the Silkee"
silk string wraps with tiny pearls and/or vermeil beads
(choose between gold or silver beads & hardware)
$40 to $60 each 

double it around your neck, 
or wrap five times around your wrist.
you can even put it around your ankle, miss surfer girl.

it's up to you. if you can decide.

oh darling, love ya.