necklace or bracelet? you choose!

I change my mind all the time. 
It is one reason why I have never gotten a tattoo, but also why I own 100 shades of lipstick yet never wear more than the clear stuff. My indecisiveness also means that on numerous occasions, I have packed 2 or 3 pairs of black heels for a weekend trip.

While the "Silkee" won't help me choose lipstick or encourage me to get a tat, this multi-use accessory will help save space in my Samsonite!! I love having more than one choice.... sometimes.

"the Silkee"
silk string wraps with tiny pearls and/or vermeil beads
(choose between gold or silver beads & hardware)
$40 to $60 each 

double it around your neck, 
or wrap five times around your wrist.
you can even put it around your ankle, miss surfer girl.

it's up to you. if you can decide.

oh darling, love ya. 


the 10 best methods to jumpstart creativity....

1. Go for a walk and collect stuff that gets your attention.

2. Lay on the grass and see figures in the sky.

3. Ask your kids to draw what they like.

4. Take a break, call a friend and talk about life.

5. Enjoy a glass of wine near a fireplace.

6. Listen to music really load.

7. Get in a traffic jam.

8. Go to sleep with a notebook under your pillow. Dreams are amazing.

9. Design un-useful stuff for yourself.

10. Make a brainstorming of stupid ideas.

Javiera Aldunate


happy birthday to one half of OCD

happy birthday to my beautiful sister missy
you are my inspiration, my organizer, my laughter and my best friend
i am thankful for you


blue is my favorite color

favorite hoops with blue iolite drops    $86


stock up....... {while stocks are down!}

bad day for wall street. 

good thing OCD prices are always reasonable. Jim Cramer approves! 

bad day bangles   $60 each
available in clear, yellow, brown and green topaz. 




definition of lovely


1   : obsolete : lovable
2  : delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace : attractive
 3 : grandswell lovely morning>
: eliciting love by moral or ideal worth
— love·li·ly adverb
— love·li·ness noun
— lovely adverb
examples of lovely in a sentence:
 My sweet dear, those are lovely earrings {$98}

Where did you put my earrings, my lovely friend? {$108}

 What a lovely gift! {$88}

Greece should be a lovely honeymoon! {$98}

Purple is such a lovely color, it goes with black or brown. {$96}

How lovely. {$108}

Isn't she just lovely?! {$122}




it's been a while

 the lucky charm necklace $104

Indian summer earrings $58

Good thing we didn't lose our creative juices! Check back for new pieces soon!




favorite things

some favorite things so far this year.....

!. Celebrations
Two of our best friends got engaged! (we introduced them!!)

We traveled to Puerto Rico for our other dear friends wedding (we supplied the wedding jewelry!)
Vanessa Necklace- single large pearl strung on sterling silver chain        $60

2. New Fashion Trends!
must have looks include 60s glamour (mad men, we salute you!), a bit of punk rock (skinny jeans live on....), bell bottoms and wide leg pants (...but maybe not too long), lace and whimsy, and our favorite, safari chic.

3. Resolutions
to improve mind, body and spirit through simple things, like laughter, love, and language. Tell someone you love how great they are.....and go see THIS movie.

4. Photography
OCD's newest machinery is a super sweeeeeet Nikon camera! Thanks Santa!!!!

Blue topaz cubes and gold vermeil hoops     $75

more favorite things to come!