disorderly order

Now that school is back in session, and fall {weather!} is hopefully around the corner, life seems to reorganize. The sporadic summer adventures are over, and teachers are back to counting grade points and pupils. We feel urges to clean out the closets of summer bikinis and trade for actual clothing in shades of greens, tans, and browns. We are ready. Too much "messy" time and one will get lazy. But ohhh how the lazy summer afternoons feel is good for us all! So with the changing of season, new hope, new life, and new loves. For example, I am in love with the new "Margaret" sheepskin Chloe bag, it would bring me so much life, and I dearly hope for it!

But with hurricane season {aahem...hermine!) also in full swing, it brings all the disorganization we need.  Houston was flooded Monday and Tuesday, and I hear Austin is now under water with Dallas tornado sirens ringing in the Highland Park / Uptown sector.

Stay afloat Texas!

While caught in the juxtaposition of orderly and disorderly, like we always say at ocdjewels, PUT ON YOUR PEARLS! Even metallic grayish purple ones like these- the perfect combo of rebel and classic. Girly and unique. The untraditional yet proper, metallic pearls on hoops. While they won't make autumn weather arrive sooner, they will help pass the September blues!

Fall into pearl hoops {gold or silver}    $65


ps. happy bday judy!!! love you!