a reminder of LOVE

Browsing facebook (like you don't do it fellow lemming.....) I stumbled upon a "like" that I really, really like! It is the Matthew Shephard Foundation, which is promoting LOVE, and erasing hate one person at a time.

I completely remember seeing the news, back in October of 1998, watching a memorial photo of this young, blonde hair, cute kid flash on the screen when he lost his life too soon. It made me sad to see that young kid gone. Amazingly, by the efforts of his family and friends, Matthew Shepard lives on by lots of effort put forth in recognition of this loving guy.

I hope our world has learned in 12 years. I say this but in reality, I even still feel tings in my own body against people who have wronged me. I do feel equality for all people, except maybe a couple mean girls and that jerky guy in traffic earlier. I guess that is part of human nature, but is it really?? If I cannot forgive those who have hurt me (even if just for a second of hurt or annoyance), how can I say that LOVE is the answer?

Well, it is. Love is the answer. And we should always try to remove those long lasting stigmas of hate that can linger from generation to generation, stereotype to rush hour traffic. I think a reminder of the loss of Matthew Shepard is a great way to remind us, humans, of how we fall short.

So, human or not, I am sure you are wondering how this relates to jewelry. Well, it doesn't. But it sure struck me in a good way. So, without relating to any of my rant about LOVE, here is some earrings that I do, truly love :)

Hope you do too!

amethyst and onyx in gold vermeil ovals- $68  
($30 from each purchase of this earring will go to the Matthew Shepard Foundation)

email orders@ocdjewels.com for ordering info!


becca @ OCD