A Diamond in the Rough

Ahh… the greatness of summer holidays. Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July and yes, even the dreaded end of summer Labor Day. Barbecues, poolside service, the smell of suntan lotion with the day off?? Yes, please! My Memorial Day Weekend was incredible this year thanks to a little help from some college friends and the Guadalupe River…
Waring, Texas is a town in the Texas Hill country that is approximately 30 miles south of Fredricksburg and 26 miles east of Kerrville. Don’t even try to punch it into your TomTom – you won’t find it. My good friends Clare and Jayson Adams live in Waring on Rockin’ Heart Ranch, a ranch that happens to have the Guadalupe River running right through the middle of it- amazing, right?
They were kind enough to invite a group of 20 down to their place for the weekend to camp, float the river and basically just hang out. It was amazing – we set up shop right under some trees that backed up to the Guadalupe .
On Saturday we made our way into the town of Waring, which basically centers around a general store. Clare informed us that reason it is so hard for people to find the town is because it’s technically a village – what?! After some killer breakfast tacos, we headed back to the ranch and floated the river for the afternoon. Saturday night we headed to Fredricksburg for a concert at Crossroads, an awesome bar that is perfect for dancing the night away.
Before hitting the road on Sunday, we stopped in Comfort for some comfort food (I know, I couldn’t help myself). We ate at High’s Café & Store and I have a confession to make – I am in love.
It’s the perfect, quaint Hill Country restaurant, complete with a sprawling patio and smiling locals. Their vege-licious sandwich is enough to make any vegetarian swoon and their key lime tart is absolutely off the charts. While driving home (unfortunately), I kept thinking about how such a simple place can be so amazing and it reminded me of OCD’s newest creation.
row of raw diamonds on 14k gold fill chain- 16" $110

This necklace seriously speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous yet laid back. This necklace is ideal for every day wear. I immediately pictured myself in this necklace with the perfect summer sundress at the river. Then again, do I really need to state the obvious – DIAMONDS, hello!! The necklace 100% proves that diamonds can be casual and affordable. Simple yet stunning- perfect for a weekend in the Hill Country.