Oh girl! Next time you find yourself in a tropical, exotic location with endless white sandy beach, frozen adult bev by your side in a tiny black bikini and gold sandals while hearing that tall, dark and handsome surf instructor calling your name.......... do not, I repeat, do not wake up! 

But if you must, OCD will be daydreaming as well......daily! So how do we keep our cool during the hot summer months? With accessories that mimic our made-up vaca! Check out this black tourmaline  bracelet. Perfect to wear everyday or at the beach. And if  the beach and surfer stud stay in dream-world and not this world, this modern bracelet would sure match that Chanel bag you have been eyeing! 

Hey, a girl can dream about anything!!!       

So to match that teenie weenie black bikini (or work attire of skirt and pumps)..............

large black tourmaline and gold chain bracelet   $80

sweet dreams! xoxo-