h.a.p.p.y. b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y.

While April 21st was not the official start date for OCD, we think it works out perfect to call it our birthday! So today we are 3 years old!! 

We have come a LONG way since our first pair of earrings. What started as a hobby to relax after a long day of work (as a Scientist.... seriously!!) has now become quite a lil business! Armed with a pair of pliers in a cute apartment on Zilker Park in Austin, OCD was born with just $70 tactfully skimmed from each paycheck for supplies. Luckily, vintage stores and antique co-ops were ubiquitous and CHEAP! Quality has definitely improved from those first few months. Even our photography skills went from amateur to well, we think we do pretty good!!!

And we have learned some important business and life lessons on our journey, such as: 

Shop around for supplies- you can always find a better deal with a little bit of energy. Always treasure the night before a trunk show- and cancel any plans that involve wine. NEVER teach your trade to someone unless you are paid. And paid well. LOCK up everything-including design ideas, materials and start up business plans- you would be shocked who will steal from you. Silver and gold tarnish incredibly fast in humid cities (aka houston!) and quality means our friend Judy won't break out in hives. UPS will lose a few packages, and will be late on a bunch of them. Hire women who are smarter than yourself, and let go of anyone who ONLY ACTS smarter. Don't sweat the small stuff. The anxiety of being worried has no value but sure costs a lot. And when all else fails, a good cry sure feels nice.

So on our BIRTHDAY, we are wearing our favorite pair of simple but perfect earrings. 14k Gold ear wire with 14mm Grade A-B freshwater pearl. A tad bit expensive (and FABULOUS!) but we are worth it! And so are you~ what (or who) can you celebrate?! 

Happy 3rd Birthday OCD!!!!

14k Gold Ear Wire with 14-16mm grade A-B freshwater pearl                  $400