agate you covered

need a funky necklace to spruce up your closet while waiting for spring to get here?? me too. so I gotcha covered- with agate! each necklace has a large unique slice of the naturally pretty rock adorned on a long smokey crystal chain.


long agate slice on smokey crystal necklace                   $80




balls....but not those balls........yellow topaz balls......oh geez.

what did I get myself into?? 

what a mess. one tree and I get all crazy! {see below....but brace yourself....hehe} 

sooooo here is my favorite stone in the entire world. it's yellow with a hint of smoke and is absolutely stunning when faceted into various shapes. the yellow topaz. what a stunner. I love using it on everything- necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and soon, rings! 

36" long gold necklace with yellow topaz BALLS. love it        $80

happy friday....



hump day humor......

yes, my mind is in the gutter! But I was driving along Kirby (quite the busy road here in H-town) and about wrecked my car when I saw it. A tree. A tree with a mushroom. A tree with a mushroom that looked a bit more "manly" than a tree should look. 

are you ready for this???

from a distance (on my first U-turn)

and the up close shot.

OMG! Can you believe a tree with ........ummm


The worst, that mushroom stayed adhered to that tree for 3 or 4 days!! I came back with my camera after seeing it the first two. With all the rain houston has experienced, I think it also got bigger with the passing days! I am sad report that on approximately day 5, someone or something castrated the tree.  

for my own sanity, I will not post a new necklace or dainty earrings that remind me of the "man tree" so you will just have to wait. great things are coming. girly things :) 




lucky leather

Saints win!!! Mardi Gras next weekend will truly be a celebration with the owner Tom Benson leading the Endymion Krewe. I wore my lucky leather yesterday and I'll definitely sport it down in NOLA.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!!!

Leather and pearl 3-1 necklace {can be worn long, doubled over for a mid length, or tripled for a short version!}         $58

Geaux Saints!