a new year!

2010 is here! I know, I am a bit behind. We are now been in this new year for 11 days and well, a lot has already happened! Well, a lot has happened in Texas and in football:
Record freezing temperatures hit Texas (burrrr!),
a pinch nerve hurt my Horns but a freshman proved his leadership,
my favorite Cowboy (#19 miles austin!) and the 'Boys won the first playoff game in 13 years,
{finally removing the monkey off of wade phillips back,}
and most exciting......
OCD is kicking off the year right with crazy-amazing new jewels, tons of new stores, and monthly sample sales all year!!!

burnt orange citrine discs on gold fill chain                $88

Our first sample sale will be in two weeks in Houston and information will be posted soon!

{above: black onyx on gunmetal and gold chains     $112}