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new england lariat necklaces

This weekend OCD travelled to the New England area and froze. Seriously! It was FREEZING! If you didn't know, OCD is a warm weather craving kid.
{seriously, i use my car seat heaters in the summer....i've got thin blood, i guess}
But despite the falling temperatures, it was beautiful up there!!

Not being used to the plethora of turtlenecks, I was unsure which necklace to wear. Mimicking a scarf, a lariat necklace is the essential turtleneck accessory! Or any outfit accessory in our book!

Silver or Gold Lariat Tassel necklace                    $50




ocd is thankful for this past holiday season

OCD was blessed this holiday season! First fo sho- we are thankful for all of our loyal customers! The holiday season was filled with sample sales and boutique trunk shows. We were busy. But we must give the other 9 reasons OCD feels so warm and fuzzy! So here is our list.......
{and a pictorial explanation following}

9. hungry men
8. new napkins
7. packing boxes
6. fireplaces
5. red lobster
4. star magazine
3. wii fit!
2. 83 years
1. earrings {lame but I had to fit them in somewhere!}

Hungry men! I love cooking dinner for the boys!!

new napkins. especially after one caught fire when it landed on a lit candle during clean-up.....opps!

big boxes! Isn't it funny how the box a gift arrives in can be more fun than the actual gift?!

warm fireplaces and big dogs! Yeager and Landry snuggling before christmas.


this ain't no red lobster!  the hubs and i prepared our own seafood feast, complete with crab, scallops and hushpuppies. soooo tasty!

YES! That is BEEHIVE {the best store in Austin!} tagged in Star Magazine on 12/28/2009! Caption reads: Bead Detail: Corey Lynn Calter Mallory beaded tank dress, $197, Beehive boutique (512-347-0800) Congrats Beehive!

Wii Fit! Dear Santa, I was a really good and busy girl this year SO you don't have to bring me a wii fit. I already bought one. love, OCD

It took 83 years! Dallas experienced it's first white christmas since 1926. Amazing!

ok, soooo not lame once you put these on!
green topaz in vermeil hoops                                                                  $60

hope you enjoyed my pictorial!



a new year!

2010 is here! I know, I am a bit behind. We are now been in this new year for 11 days and well, a lot has already happened! Well, a lot has happened in Texas and in football:
Record freezing temperatures hit Texas (burrrr!),
a pinch nerve hurt my Horns but a freshman proved his leadership,
my favorite Cowboy (#19 miles austin!) and the 'Boys won the first playoff game in 13 years,
{finally removing the monkey off of wade phillips back,}
and most exciting......
OCD is kicking off the year right with crazy-amazing new jewels, tons of new stores, and monthly sample sales all year!!!

burnt orange citrine discs on gold fill chain                $88

Our first sample sale will be in two weeks in Houston and information will be posted soon!

{above: black onyx on gunmetal and gold chains     $112}