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Happy Holidays!!



Sorry for the lack of posts- its been a busy start to winter, but all good things! Here is what we have been working on..... and you will see these and more next week on the ONLINE TRUNK SHOW! Yes, in 7 days OCD will have its first online show- discounts galore! Be sure to check back! xoxo OCD

disorderly order

Now that school is back in session, and fall {weather!} is hopefully around the corner, life seems to reorganize. The sporadic summer adventures are over, and teachers are back to counting grade points and pupils. We feel urges to clean out the closets of summer bikinis and trade for actual clothing in shades of greens, tans, and browns. We are ready. Too much "messy" time and one will get lazy. But ohhh how the lazy summer afternoons feel is good for us all! So with the changing of season, new hope, new life, and new loves. For example, I am in love with the new "Margaret" sheepskin Chloe bag, it would bring me so much life, and I dearly hope for it!

But with hurricane season {aahem...hermine!) also in full swing, it brings all the disorganization we need.  Houston was flooded Monday and Tuesday, and I hear Austin is now under water with Dallas tornado sirens ringing in the Highland Park / Uptown sector.

Stay afloat Texas!

While caught in the juxtaposition of orderly and disorderly, like we always say at ocdjewels, PUT ON YOUR PEARLS! Even metallic grayish purple ones like these- the perfect combo of rebel and classic. Girly and unique. The untraditional yet proper, metallic pearls on hoops. While they won't make autumn weather arrive sooner, they will help pass the September blues!

Fall into pearl hoops {gold or silver}    $65


ps. happy bday judy!!! love you!


Dear Autumn, I Miss You

It's 105 degrees outside right now and I don't know how much more I can take. I got into my car today and it felt like a Finnish sauna - I'm just not getting along with Dallas. As I search for red-eye flights to Alaska, let me introduce you to something that I actually am happy about: OCD rings!

The green one in the top right corner is calling my name. And considering that they're only $20, how could you say you don't need one? or seven?


i heart initial pieces!

my favorite initial piece.......... today!

sterling silver bracelet with engraved initial oval $75


a reminder of LOVE

Browsing facebook (like you don't do it fellow lemming.....) I stumbled upon a "like" that I really, really like! It is the Matthew Shephard Foundation, which is promoting LOVE, and erasing hate one person at a time.

I completely remember seeing the news, back in October of 1998, watching a memorial photo of this young, blonde hair, cute kid flash on the screen when he lost his life too soon. It made me sad to see that young kid gone. Amazingly, by the efforts of his family and friends, Matthew Shepard lives on by lots of effort put forth in recognition of this loving guy.

I hope our world has learned in 12 years. I say this but in reality, I even still feel tings in my own body against people who have wronged me. I do feel equality for all people, except maybe a couple mean girls and that jerky guy in traffic earlier. I guess that is part of human nature, but is it really?? If I cannot forgive those who have hurt me (even if just for a second of hurt or annoyance), how can I say that LOVE is the answer?

Well, it is. Love is the answer. And we should always try to remove those long lasting stigmas of hate that can linger from generation to generation, stereotype to rush hour traffic. I think a reminder of the loss of Matthew Shepard is a great way to remind us, humans, of how we fall short.

So, human or not, I am sure you are wondering how this relates to jewelry. Well, it doesn't. But it sure struck me in a good way. So, without relating to any of my rant about LOVE, here is some earrings that I do, truly love :)

Hope you do too!

amethyst and onyx in gold vermeil ovals- $68  
($30 from each purchase of this earring will go to the Matthew Shepard Foundation)

email for ordering info!


becca @ OCD


Summer 2010 Trunk Show

Sunday, July 11th 1-4pm

If you are in the Dallas area, email for the address of the trunk show!!

you'll want to be there :)


A Diamond in the Rough

Ahh… the greatness of summer holidays. Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July and yes, even the dreaded end of summer Labor Day. Barbecues, poolside service, the smell of suntan lotion with the day off?? Yes, please! My Memorial Day Weekend was incredible this year thanks to a little help from some college friends and the Guadalupe River…
Waring, Texas is a town in the Texas Hill country that is approximately 30 miles south of Fredricksburg and 26 miles east of Kerrville. Don’t even try to punch it into your TomTom – you won’t find it. My good friends Clare and Jayson Adams live in Waring on Rockin’ Heart Ranch, a ranch that happens to have the Guadalupe River running right through the middle of it- amazing, right?
They were kind enough to invite a group of 20 down to their place for the weekend to camp, float the river and basically just hang out. It was amazing – we set up shop right under some trees that backed up to the Guadalupe .
On Saturday we made our way into the town of Waring, which basically centers around a general store. Clare informed us that reason it is so hard for people to find the town is because it’s technically a village – what?! After some killer breakfast tacos, we headed back to the ranch and floated the river for the afternoon. Saturday night we headed to Fredricksburg for a concert at Crossroads, an awesome bar that is perfect for dancing the night away.
Before hitting the road on Sunday, we stopped in Comfort for some comfort food (I know, I couldn’t help myself). We ate at High’s CafĂ© & Store and I have a confession to make – I am in love.
It’s the perfect, quaint Hill Country restaurant, complete with a sprawling patio and smiling locals. Their vege-licious sandwich is enough to make any vegetarian swoon and their key lime tart is absolutely off the charts. While driving home (unfortunately), I kept thinking about how such a simple place can be so amazing and it reminded me of OCD’s newest creation.
row of raw diamonds on 14k gold fill chain- 16" $110

This necklace seriously speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous yet laid back. This necklace is ideal for every day wear. I immediately pictured myself in this necklace with the perfect summer sundress at the river. Then again, do I really need to state the obvious – DIAMONDS, hello!! The necklace 100% proves that diamonds can be casual and affordable. Simple yet stunning- perfect for a weekend in the Hill Country.


New Kid on the Blog

Hey guys! My name is Kelcey May and I'm the newest addition to the OCD team. I'll be checking in every now and then to keep you 'in the know' with OCD Jewels. Along the way, you'll learn a little bit more about me and my obsessive compulsive love for jewerly- enjoy!


the art of friendship

“What do you do when you realize that although you may have years of history, and found real value in each other in times past, that you kind of don't like a friend anymore? That, after time spent with this person, you feel drained, empty, belittled or insulted. My father always used to tell me that, ‘you can't make new old friends.’ How do you distinguish if someone in your life makes you change for the better or if you are better off without them?”

do you GOOP? 

{You know, the online newsletter / blog by Gwyneth Paltrow that is just pure genius?! SIGN UP NOW!} 
Read G.P.'s title question above- and click HERE to read the original newsletter and responses. Chalk full of wisdom to enlighten the soul. 

OCD gets inspired everytime GOOP shows up in our inbox. Even when it is about subjects that sometimes may not be appropriate dinner party conversation, despite what we see on the "Real Housewives" series, but they are topics that women should converse about! For example- the blurb above is a recent post about "friend divorce." Not friends that have gotten divorces. Not frienemies you hope get a divorce, but friends in your life history that you let go. You break up. You get a friend divorce. 
And while it may sting a bit, you know deep down that it is for the better. Ohhh the power of estrogen charged wisdom. If only every female shared her "tough" experiences and realized that deep down, we really aren't that much different from each other. Losing a friend is OK. You will survive and be an even better friend to those who are close. And while OCD is not going thru a friend divorce (that we know of!), it has happened before and we have watched many friend go thru it as well. And if your confused, go watch the movie Mean Girls!

This is a pair of hammered wire gold teardrops with blue iolite and yellow topaz stones {$68} that I recently made for my sweet, blue-eyed friend after she survived a friend divorce. {Hope you enjoy them!!!} 




Oh girl! Next time you find yourself in a tropical, exotic location with endless white sandy beach, frozen adult bev by your side in a tiny black bikini and gold sandals while hearing that tall, dark and handsome surf instructor calling your name.......... do not, I repeat, do not wake up! 

But if you must, OCD will be daydreaming as well......daily! So how do we keep our cool during the hot summer months? With accessories that mimic our made-up vaca! Check out this black tourmaline  bracelet. Perfect to wear everyday or at the beach. And if  the beach and surfer stud stay in dream-world and not this world, this modern bracelet would sure match that Chanel bag you have been eyeing! 

Hey, a girl can dream about anything!!!       

So to match that teenie weenie black bikini (or work attire of skirt and pumps)..............

large black tourmaline and gold chain bracelet   $80

sweet dreams! xoxo-



Oh my! It has been a very full last two weeks. No worries-- all fun things! First, OCD and Houston's really hip and pretty people attended a fabulous party at our favorite home away from home, Hotel Zaza Houston. The best part- Veuve Cliequot was a featured host. OOhh boy!! OCD LOVEs the bubbly! {thank you Charlie and Benji for a fantastic evening! xoxo}

the hubs and i :)

wearing the crazy awesome (ya, i said it....) Coral necklace- check it out here!

Two days later, we hit up the Houston Farmers Market off Richmond. A gastronomic experience we have enjoyed all week!

multi colored carrots, farm fresh eggs, "dirt on" red potatoes, grass fed beef, "the last of the gulf" shrimp (we will miss you gulf seafood!), handpicked lettuce, and even some mother's day gifts!
OCD highly recommends buying local! Tasty & good! 

AND YESTERDAY, it was CINCO DE MAYO!!! Happy Birthday Annie! (and happy bday Claire! Wish you were with us at the Original Ninfa's on Navigation to celebrate!)

the bday girl

the birthday girl's gift :)
smokey topaz wired to vermeil large teardrops          $55

A few fresh blackberry margarita's later........

Aren't we cute?! My cinco de mayo jewels of choice:

green onyx large teardrops and gold vermeil ornate discs       $88

email with ordering inquiries! 




h.a.p.p.y. b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y.

While April 21st was not the official start date for OCD, we think it works out perfect to call it our birthday! So today we are 3 years old!! 

We have come a LONG way since our first pair of earrings. What started as a hobby to relax after a long day of work (as a Scientist.... seriously!!) has now become quite a lil business! Armed with a pair of pliers in a cute apartment on Zilker Park in Austin, OCD was born with just $70 tactfully skimmed from each paycheck for supplies. Luckily, vintage stores and antique co-ops were ubiquitous and CHEAP! Quality has definitely improved from those first few months. Even our photography skills went from amateur to well, we think we do pretty good!!!

And we have learned some important business and life lessons on our journey, such as: 

Shop around for supplies- you can always find a better deal with a little bit of energy. Always treasure the night before a trunk show- and cancel any plans that involve wine. NEVER teach your trade to someone unless you are paid. And paid well. LOCK up everything-including design ideas, materials and start up business plans- you would be shocked who will steal from you. Silver and gold tarnish incredibly fast in humid cities (aka houston!) and quality means our friend Judy won't break out in hives. UPS will lose a few packages, and will be late on a bunch of them. Hire women who are smarter than yourself, and let go of anyone who ONLY ACTS smarter. Don't sweat the small stuff. The anxiety of being worried has no value but sure costs a lot. And when all else fails, a good cry sure feels nice.

So on our BIRTHDAY, we are wearing our favorite pair of simple but perfect earrings. 14k Gold ear wire with 14mm Grade A-B freshwater pearl. A tad bit expensive (and FABULOUS!) but we are worth it! And so are you~ what (or who) can you celebrate?! 

Happy 3rd Birthday OCD!!!!

14k Gold Ear Wire with 14-16mm grade A-B freshwater pearl                  $400




i LOVE...

the springtime! and this delicious photo... makes me think of lovely, gorgeous spring days where the birds are chirping to wake me up, like today. lazy days in flip flops, flowy cotton dresses, and sunshine.

i love it almost as much as these little beautiful baubles...
ahhhh spring! thank you for finally arriving.
{blue chalcedony and gold vermeil cluster drops $59}
xoxo missy


make me a mimosa!

How was your Easter weekend?! OCD's was PERFECT! With my new extended family, we enjoyed a relaxing day of mimosas and fried turkey {my hubs trophy bird from their Easter hunt at the Spikebox!} So what did the ladies do......

SHOP! But of course, we were ready with our visa's yet there was NOTHING worth purchasing  except some yummy Orange Cup and makeup at Sephora (Benefit makeup "Legally Blonde" gift set.....thank you Mr. Easter Bunny!!}

But when nothing catches our eye in the shoe and clothing department, one word always comes to mine.......... ACCESSORIES!! Why not start with coral?! Coral screams SUMMER! A wonderful way to transform a plain outfit into something special!

Doubled Coral Bib Necklace in Silver               $88



a kaleidoscope of spring!

Spring has sprung.....Thank Goodness!! Aren't you sick of the drab, dark colors of winter?! OCD is VERY ready to trade out the bulky sweaters for bright bikinis! So we are getting dolled up- starting with the most colorful earrings painted in pastels, brights, and neons. And why not...the weather is beautiful!! So get outside and shake off those winter blues! 

Yellow Topaz Tassels in Gold   $82

Citrine and Pink Chalcedony drops off Silver Vermeil Teardrops    $76

22 Karats of Yellow and Brown topaz duo    $110

Pink Chalcedony, Pearl, Orange quartz and White Opal drops on Gold Vermeil Ovals   $90

Pink Quartz drops on gold fill "dream catchers"       $48

Crowned Pearl drops with 18k gold     $62

Aqua Chalcedony drops and Pearl bands on 24k Vermeil Ovals     $80

Huge Green Onyx drops off Vermeil patterned Discs    $76

Purple Amethyst, Black Onyx Drops, and 24k Vermeil Ovals      $80

Email for ordering inquiries!



feel the sunshine!!!

cant the park....must. enjoy. the weather!!!!

sunny day earrings- gold vermeil with lemon topaz balls and clear crystal drops   $110