talking earrings

remember when you were a little kid and everything was alive? Like stuffed animals, barbies and even desk lamps? It might have been an 80's thing- I was totally addicted to the movies Short Circuit and The Brave Little Toaster. And Toy Story.....OMG, that movie rocked my world. In addition to being a "make-believe" kidster, I was also the WORST kid to take on a trip. Not because of some horrible airplane behavior or insatiable need for attention. Instead, I packed everything I thought was alive {aka ALL my stuffed animals} because I did not want anyone to be left behind. Needless to say, I was lucky that Missy and I were close in age because once BooBoo and the rest of the stuffed kingdom got packed, my clothes and bathing suits and all the important essentials did not.

I can't say this behavior has completely changed. I still believe in innate objects smiling and kitchen electronics having conversations. And I still pack miserably for vacations but luckily, that means too many clothes or shoes and no stuffed friends. Jewelry is so wonderful because you can pack as much as you want without having to pay for overweight luggage at airport baggage check. Nobody likes to be overweight.

 So I love to travel and I love jewelry-and I especially adore these two pairs of earrings because they are talking to each other. Just like the Brave Little Toaster.

Single swavorski ball drops on 14k gold hoops    $50

above: Yellow topaz on triple rings in 14k gold fill   $95

happy holidays,