antiques tell stories of times past. I can't live without {antiques} but only in the past few years have I found them as invaluable as they are. I love my silver spoons and forks and knives from the 1800s. I dream about my small but growing collection of vintage handbags. And I adore my 1927 microscope I played with as a kid but at the time, had no idea just how cool that thing really is. I even started OCD over three years ago while 're-doing' my grandmothers costume pieces. humm... I wonder just how many designers before me have used grandmothers or mothers as their inspiration?

 Well, I created this piece from the inspiration of these spectacles. They were my grandfather's and I wear them all the time. I feel very "catch me if you can" in them.

vintage bib #2 of 12.     email for prices (ocd214@gmail.com)

All of the pieces from this necklace are made from items found at local Austin vintage stores. I have no idea just how old the pieces are but I love these "age-less" bib necklaces. Gives me a smile to imagine the places and lives these pieces have already lived.

and makes me thankful for those who have lived before me.