queen for a day

Yep. I got married. And in style. My bridal portrait idea was, in my eyes, a stoke of genius. It all started while reading Harpar's Bazaar on my way to Miami, ironically
for my bachelorette parrrrty. The fashion spread I happened to soak in was Aviator Fashion and the life of Amelia Earhart. Delicate scarves blowing in the wind, leather from head to toe, oversized designer totes, and military inspired accessories.
Just plain sexy.

Long have I wanted the re-done leather bomber, flow-y scarf, skinny pant and sexy booties {that are all very fashionista right now} to pay homage to its founders which fly high in the sky. Motorcycles just made leather products affordably trashy while red light districts made it plain skanky.
But tried and true leather
{like my amazing chloe handbag that after 3 years might finally look perfectly warn-in} is unmistakable luxury. And the daring Amelia Earhart was no foe to fashion- I can only hope the not-yet-released movie, which chronicles her life, be worthy of her grace. Just like Bazaar did, perfectly.

I have been flying my entire life. It is a luxury that I never took for granted, simply because I was the only one of my friends that was able to create a science fair experiment preformed at 10,000 ft in the air.

I love being high in the clouds above the rest of the
world and daydreaming. Flying enables me to feel like a queen. Queeny as I am often called by a few friends, is now only more fitting since my new last name is Quisenberry. So Mrs. Quis {thats me!} flying high in the sky is an ultimate queeny day. Or taking fashion photo shoots in vintage vietnam helicopters and in front of our country's coolest aircrafts, ranks pretty high on my queen for a day to-list. But if your schedule doesn't allow for a Q day, put on a Queen necklace {crown and all} so you don't forget to make time for the most important queen of all, You.

Queeny stone necklace
Large smokey topaz crowned on 24" gold chain and layered with pink stone chain $135

Queeny Pearl necklace
Fancy cultured crowned pearl on 18" gold chain $50

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