¡feliz dia de los muertos!

me: aye aye aye ¡¡¡feliz el la diaz das me muer-ota-os-is!!!

the hubs: what?

me: de los murtos? muuuertttas? mueltas? oh hell, Day of the Dead. Happy Day of the Dead.

the hubs: ¡feliz dia de los muertos! Didn't you take spanish? In college?
I keenly remember spring break in Cabo- you acted like you were fluent? You spoke to EVERYONE in spanish.

me: that was the tequila talking. and I did take spanish. online.

the hubs: that explains a lot.

well, I may not know spanish fluently but I know a necklace design when I see one and I LOVE this necklace! To me, the three chains represent the past, the present and the future.

I would definitely wear it to a "Day of the Dead" parade or festival but unfortunately, my past {last night's parade in NYC .....btw, happy halloween!} took out all my energy. Guess I will have to wait for the future.

past, present and future necklace $65