a recap of "where the wild things are"

hello life. I feel as if I have woke from a very long sleep. Sort of like the book and now movie, where the wild things are. Oh I cannot WAIT to see it! I re-read the book today and if you were wondering exactly how it went, well, it went a lot (but not exactly) like the following.......

I put on my monster costume and achieved all sorts of mischief.
I continued until my mom yelled at me and told me that I was WILD.
I yelled back "i'm going to eat you"
I was sent to bed without dinner.
soon a forest started growing in my bedroom.
it got bigger.
then i took my own private boat to find where the wild things are.
I found them after being on that boat for over a year.
they were terrible and mean and had crazy yellow eyes.
I shouted at them and told them I was going to eat them.
they became very scared.
I became king of the wild things.
While I was king, we did lots of fun things: swinging from trees, ruling the land, running and jumping and play.
But the wild things were still wild and terrible.
They told me they were going to eat me.
I told them that they must go to bed without dinner for being so terrible.
Then I got lonely.
I decided I wanted to go back home so I jumped on my private boat and said goodbye.
I travelled on that boat for over a year.
I made it home, to my bedroom, with dinner waiting.
It was still warm.

This book (and movie I am guessing) teaches many life lessons. One may be how an authoritative figure affects the actions of a child.

I wish more parents re-read this book to learn that valuable lesson. But my favorite part is the the ending. I love the notion of "it was still warm".

Who keeps things warm in your life?? A friend, a sister, a significant other, a mom?? Dreams are magical but the people who "keep life warm" are what make the magic.

I am headed off to Dallas tomorrow to see my magical family and to watch the magic of the texas longhorns....

while wearing these! (didn't think I could sneak some jewelry in there, did ya???)

Huge freshwater pearls & black onyx rounds dropping from 18k vermeil teardrops $80

keep it wild, xoxoxo