fly high!

More African inspiration.
These two colorful critters completely stopped me in our Land Rover tracks. While bird watching is not a favorite past time of mine, these two winged beauties enamored myself and my fellow safarians.

And it got me thinking.....

If the bird kingdom is anything like high school, the midnight blue bird would definitely be the star quarterback while his arm-candy cheerleader girlfriend would be the colorful birdie below. In short, these are the popular birds you really want to sit next to in the cafeteria.

The blue in both of these struck me as unusual for africa. Most colors you think of when thinking of Africa are oranges and reds. But, flying high up as the birdies do {in our cessna caravan bush plane}, I found that blue is everywhere in the Okavanga delta.

At just 4,000ft above, elephants can be easily seen crossing the low waters of the delta.

Easy to extract the rich blues of Africa to make fun, going-out earrings. A definite accessory to make you the popular girlie {or birdie} everyone wants to sit next to in the cafeteria!

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