fly high!

More African inspiration.
These two colorful critters completely stopped me in our Land Rover tracks. While bird watching is not a favorite past time of mine, these two winged beauties enamored myself and my fellow safarians.

And it got me thinking.....

If the bird kingdom is anything like high school, the midnight blue bird would definitely be the star quarterback while his arm-candy cheerleader girlfriend would be the colorful birdie below. In short, these are the popular birds you really want to sit next to in the cafeteria.

The blue in both of these struck me as unusual for africa. Most colors you think of when thinking of Africa are oranges and reds. But, flying high up as the birdies do {in our cessna caravan bush plane}, I found that blue is everywhere in the Okavanga delta.

At just 4,000ft above, elephants can be easily seen crossing the low waters of the delta.

Easy to extract the rich blues of Africa to make fun, going-out earrings. A definite accessory to make you the popular girlie {or birdie} everyone wants to sit next to in the cafeteria!

cascading iolite drops in 18k vermeil ovals $80

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a recap of "where the wild things are"

hello life. I feel as if I have woke from a very long sleep. Sort of like the book and now movie, where the wild things are. Oh I cannot WAIT to see it! I re-read the book today and if you were wondering exactly how it went, well, it went a lot (but not exactly) like the following.......

I put on my monster costume and achieved all sorts of mischief.
I continued until my mom yelled at me and told me that I was WILD.
I yelled back "i'm going to eat you"
I was sent to bed without dinner.
soon a forest started growing in my bedroom.
it got bigger.
then i took my own private boat to find where the wild things are.
I found them after being on that boat for over a year.
they were terrible and mean and had crazy yellow eyes.
I shouted at them and told them I was going to eat them.
they became very scared.
I became king of the wild things.
While I was king, we did lots of fun things: swinging from trees, ruling the land, running and jumping and play.
But the wild things were still wild and terrible.
They told me they were going to eat me.
I told them that they must go to bed without dinner for being so terrible.
Then I got lonely.
I decided I wanted to go back home so I jumped on my private boat and said goodbye.
I travelled on that boat for over a year.
I made it home, to my bedroom, with dinner waiting.
It was still warm.

This book (and movie I am guessing) teaches many life lessons. One may be how an authoritative figure affects the actions of a child.

I wish more parents re-read this book to learn that valuable lesson. But my favorite part is the the ending. I love the notion of "it was still warm".

Who keeps things warm in your life?? A friend, a sister, a significant other, a mom?? Dreams are magical but the people who "keep life warm" are what make the magic.

I am headed off to Dallas tomorrow to see my magical family and to watch the magic of the texas longhorns....

while wearing these! (didn't think I could sneak some jewelry in there, did ya???)

Huge freshwater pearls & black onyx rounds dropping from 18k vermeil teardrops $80

keep it wild, xoxoxo


monkey see, monkey do

Have you ever experienced the rich and vibrant colors of Africa? The sunsets will truly take your breath away! {as will the hippos!}
My new inspiration happened on my recent adventure, somewhere between Sandibe and Nxabega safari camps in Botswana.

I need not explain- I'll leave it to the monkeys..........

The yellow tones and golden hues got me thinking of one of my favorite stones- citrine! Here is a fabulous pair of yellow citrine chandeliers that will make any monkey go ape!

African Sunset Citrine Earrings $70




thank you, Mr. Penn

Irving Penn passed away this wednesday, 7 october 2009, at the ripe age of 92. His iconic fashion photography was usually light filled and remniscent of the 1950s-60s fashion era.... which i'm currently lusting over. His work was all over Vogue and Hapers Bazaar, we can thank him for many beautiful pieces, such as this one...

Irving Penn photo, Lisa Fonssagrives, Paris, 1950 from the collection of Sir Elton John
auctioned off 14 october 2004, new york, for $57,360 *{Miss Fonssagrives, the photographer's favorite model and muse actually became Mr. Penn's wife in 1950}
{photo from christie's auction house lot 73 sale 1541}

i'm loving 50s style red with gold like these little baubles...
{gold vermiel earrings with wrapped fire quartz teardrop $64}

goodbye and thank you mr. penn.

love missy