luck of the irish!

i love to layer! i love to layer sheer tank tops in the summer, cardigans and sweaters in the winter, to layer on the chap-stick, layer soft blankets on my bed, layer cake......yummmm, cakeeeee.......but my favorite is to layer my OCD necklaces! 

so in honor of st. patty's, here are 3 peridot necklaces that can be worn separately or together or with other necklaces! ohhhh the endless combinations! 

and unlike layer cake and green beer, layer necklaces are always calorie free. must be the luck of the irish!

14k gold vermeil square pillow on peridot "spaced out" chain                          $55

3 clumps of peridot on 14k gold vermeil chain       $60

doubled over "spaced out" peridot necklace                                                      $55
Layer two.....................

or all three!

happy st. patty's!!