7 virtues necklace

faith + hope + charity + fortitude + justice + prudence + temperance

I have always had trouble remembering lists. Especially the important ones (like those darn amino acids in college!). 

Luckily, there are unique lists like this one that actually work better when you do not memorize it word for word. These lists tend to be utilized best when acted out. But for those days I forget my angel halo, I have this necklace to remind me. The 7 Virtues necklace. Seven links, seven virtues, one necklace. 

simple and pure.

 the 7 Virtues necklace, available in gold or silver.                $32




candle light + red lipstick

Ok, no I did not have a super romantic meal with my future hubby nor were the lights dimmed BUT yes, we had candles! Missy + Michael + Me. The terrific triple. I say this because I totally crashed. I am accustomed to the third wheel title but I would not call it that. More like "three is a party!". I do not feel like I am a burden......buuuttttt I don't ask questions! 

Yes, it is true. I function better with Mr. Quis but he ran off to the Big Easy for a work conference earlier today. Luckily, there was plenty of yummy red snapper for me to enjoy. So in my old black workout pants and "to paint in" plain tee, I enjoyed a fancy meal cooked by my beautiful sis. 

This particular sunday night feast made me think about some of the pieces I create that can be versatile enough to be worn with a fancy dress or a tattered old t-shirt. Reminds me of red lipstick. 

I remember my mom running carpool on those spring mornings, when the time change made it light enough outside for moms to actually be visible (to all the other carpool moms). Unlike the winter mornings where it was nice and dark, and moms stayed invisible inside their SUVs, spring forward made carpool line a runway show. But rather than cover up in a big baseball cap, my beautiful mommy handled these mornings like a true southerner......with red lipstick and audrey hepburn shades. Not a smudge of foundation or mascara. Just red stained lips. Absolutely beautiful! 

How my mom feels about makeup is how I feel about jewelry. No, I would not catch myself in carpool line dripping in diamonds, but I do feel more confident when I pair workout clothes with a necklace like the one below. Secret elegance is the best way to describe this rough faceted blue sapphire necklace. Perfect for grocery store runs or a petite ya-ya's deb party! 

blue sapphires on 14k gold fill chain                 $100

**to order, email




luck of the irish!

i love to layer! i love to layer sheer tank tops in the summer, cardigans and sweaters in the winter, to layer on the chap-stick, layer soft blankets on my bed, layer cake......yummmm, cakeeeee.......but my favorite is to layer my OCD necklaces! 

so in honor of st. patty's, here are 3 peridot necklaces that can be worn separately or together or with other necklaces! ohhhh the endless combinations! 

and unlike layer cake and green beer, layer necklaces are always calorie free. must be the luck of the irish!

14k gold vermeil square pillow on peridot "spaced out" chain                          $55

3 clumps of peridot on 14k gold vermeil chain       $60

doubled over "spaced out" peridot necklace                                                      $55
Layer two.....................

or all three!

happy st. patty's!!




worker bees

my fashionista brain cells are tired. they are synapsing no more. threshold has been reached.

claire, missy and I just finished dallas market. while we were collectively together, each one of our roles was drastically different. claire was buying. i was assistant. missy was selling. i was assistant (not really, that is a lie). i sold jewelry. missy sold jewelry. even miss claire helped sell jewelry! needless to say, our trio deserves a fat glass of vino and a darn good back massage. any volunteers??

oh that reminds me....upkeep.

my favorite ten digits below my knees are sooooo scary. right now my number one goal is nail polish remover. think of two contrasting shades of pink, that you can, well, see. barely. i think i have a pinkie toe that is without. oh that is sad. i am sorry toes. i promise to get back into my weekly pedi-love with each one of you. i will gloss you with the finest of fine nail polishes. i will even splurge on the new shade of Chanel Le Vernis Melrose (in the Robertson Boulevard collection). i will trim and file and buff and paint.

bad toenail polish. that is what happens when we work like bees. with that being said:

bees please. i need some more bees. the bees will succeed. my queen bee has a jewel of an idea and it will be the best. i just know it. that is all i must tell you, claire the beekeeper. while it may not make sense to the rest of you, just pray for honey. sweeeeeet honey.

now some OCD exclusives, created just for my bees.....

large vermeil teardrops with coin pearl tassels $75

gold fill hammered ovals with clover pearl accents $40

double drop pearls on 14K gold fill chain $40

large vermeil circles and keesha pearl + clear crystal drops $80

for ordering inquires, email