pearl in the couch

Weekend sicki-poo day two. Actually, this sickiness has been following me for a few days. Ok, like a week. I truly did stay home in quarantine all day yesterday and I am doing it again for the majority of today. I made it to church and brunch (bliss!) but I am back on the couch with a bottle of G2 gatorade. I couldn't even really enjoy the food at brunch because everything tastes like, well, nothing. Except for the grand marnier souffle which even in the middle of my plague, tastes like a sweet souffle.

So while I am waiting patiently for the Oscars in my pink knee socks and oversized turtleneck, I sip my gatorade and continue watching bad tv movies. Sitting at home all weekend is therapeutic, and boring. Missy went on a walk and I get to sit here. It is such a beautiful day outside, but I only get to enjoy the sunshine from the inside. I did make an exciting discovery- a keshi pearl in the couch. It is actually not that surprising, as I tend to make lots of jewelry on this very couch during the week (especially when gossip girl or lost is on).
Keshi pearls are very intriguing to me. Unlike regular pearls, which form around a nucleus inside an oyster giving it the perfect round shape, a keshi pearl is formed when the oyster spits out or loses the nucleus but the pearl forms regardless. Sounds scientific but it is really not. What is science-terific is that Japanese pearl cultivators actually x-ray each pearl in the pearl making process and if they see the oyster has lost its nucleus, they implant a new one into that oyster! Like pearl-in-vitro! Thus, keshi pearls quite rare.

Below are some keshi pearl designs we just love.

Double Keshi pearls in gold circles $40

Keshi pearl triple cluster drops $50

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