antiques tell stories of times past. I can't live without {antiques} but only in the past few years have I found them as invaluable as they are. I love my silver spoons and forks and knives from the 1800s. I dream about my small but growing collection of vintage handbags. And I adore my 1927 microscope I played with as a kid but at the time, had no idea just how cool that thing really is. I even started OCD over three years ago while 're-doing' my grandmothers costume pieces. humm... I wonder just how many designers before me have used grandmothers or mothers as their inspiration?

 Well, I created this piece from the inspiration of these spectacles. They were my grandfather's and I wear them all the time. I feel very "catch me if you can" in them.

vintage bib #2 of 12.     email for prices (ocd214@gmail.com)

All of the pieces from this necklace are made from items found at local Austin vintage stores. I have no idea just how old the pieces are but I love these "age-less" bib necklaces. Gives me a smile to imagine the places and lives these pieces have already lived.

and makes me thankful for those who have lived before me.



sample sale tomorrow

if you are in the houston area, email me at OCD214@gmail.com for address of the show!



holiday parrrrty earrings

Clients always ask for that certain simple, universal gift for __________ (insert name of choice).

So these black crystal dangles are my choice for this 2009 holiday season!! They have sold out at sample sales as gifts and "for me's" alike. I recently enjoyed my pair of these sparkly dangles at a festive holiday party complete with a limo ride to see Houston's finest lights. And as an added bonus that night, we also watched Texas Longhorns secure their trip to the National Championship! Guess who will be wearing these lucky charms on January 7th???

Earrings that go with everything! (available in silver too)

Black crystal triple dangles                                       $44




talking earrings

remember when you were a little kid and everything was alive? Like stuffed animals, barbies and even desk lamps? It might have been an 80's thing- I was totally addicted to the movies Short Circuit and The Brave Little Toaster. And Toy Story.....OMG, that movie rocked my world. In addition to being a "make-believe" kidster, I was also the WORST kid to take on a trip. Not because of some horrible airplane behavior or insatiable need for attention. Instead, I packed everything I thought was alive {aka ALL my stuffed animals} because I did not want anyone to be left behind. Needless to say, I was lucky that Missy and I were close in age because once BooBoo and the rest of the stuffed kingdom got packed, my clothes and bathing suits and all the important essentials did not.

I can't say this behavior has completely changed. I still believe in innate objects smiling and kitchen electronics having conversations. And I still pack miserably for vacations but luckily, that means too many clothes or shoes and no stuffed friends. Jewelry is so wonderful because you can pack as much as you want without having to pay for overweight luggage at airport baggage check. Nobody likes to be overweight.

 So I love to travel and I love jewelry-and I especially adore these two pairs of earrings because they are talking to each other. Just like the Brave Little Toaster.

Single swavorski ball drops on 14k gold hoops    $50

above: Yellow topaz on triple rings in 14k gold fill   $95

happy holidays,


i miss this place

who wants to go????

love, ocd


one of those days

ever feel like this? me too. thats me.
 laid out to dry after i dried up my hubs "dry clean only" pants. opps

thank goodness for earrings. they need no dry cleaning. no dishwashing or laundry or any of those lovely household tasks. earrings don't need much to be cleaned. maybe a slight wipe with a soft polishing cloth. but thats it! i love earrings. but laundry, well, its a love-hate relationship.

14 k gold earrings with black onyx and vermeil pillows         $60


{in the houston, austin or dallas area?? email me for sample sale info!}



it's cold outside! find peace and warmth in a big chunky blanket and an OCD peace necklace. A dainty necklace adorned with a huge yellow topaz and a 14k gold fill peace sign. Makes a perfect gift this holiday season!

OCD Yellow Peace necklace    $50


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Large Initial Discs!

We LOVE our large sterling silver initial discs!! A classic necklace that can be worn long to add detail to a simple tee, or double the chain to create a completely different look. Order one today via our online store. It makes the perfect gift this holiday season, and can be your perfect reward for getting on Santa's Good List.

We have been really good this year......



One more day!

Thank you for everyone who shopped the first half of the OCD sample sale! The fun {and sangria!} continue tomorrow night from 5-8pm! Hope to see you Tuesday!



OCD Sample SALE!

The holidays are right around the corner! Shop early with OCD Sample Sale! 100s of new
earrings, necklaces and bracelets {AT WHOLESALE PRICES!}.
Bring friends, coworkers, boyfriends.....beer, wine, and small bites will be served! Hope you can come!

Can’t make it? Be sure to check out OCD + Lauren Jane Jewels by OCD at Abajas Boutique and Fiori Spa!

where: email ocd214@gmail.com for location
when: Monday and Tuesday {nov 16-17th} from 5-8pm
bring: cash or checks preferred, all major credit cards accepted


queen for a day

Yep. I got married. And in style. My bridal portrait idea was, in my eyes, a stoke of genius. It all started while reading Harpar's Bazaar on my way to Miami, ironically
for my bachelorette parrrrty. The fashion spread I happened to soak in was Aviator Fashion and the life of Amelia Earhart. Delicate scarves blowing in the wind, leather from head to toe, oversized designer totes, and military inspired accessories.
Just plain sexy.

Long have I wanted the re-done leather bomber, flow-y scarf, skinny pant and sexy booties {that are all very fashionista right now} to pay homage to its founders which fly high in the sky. Motorcycles just made leather products affordably trashy while red light districts made it plain skanky.
But tried and true leather
{like my amazing chloe handbag that after 3 years might finally look perfectly warn-in} is unmistakable luxury. And the daring Amelia Earhart was no foe to fashion- I can only hope the not-yet-released movie, which chronicles her life, be worthy of her grace. Just like Bazaar did, perfectly.

I have been flying my entire life. It is a luxury that I never took for granted, simply because I was the only one of my friends that was able to create a science fair experiment preformed at 10,000 ft in the air.

I love being high in the clouds above the rest of the
world and daydreaming. Flying enables me to feel like a queen. Queeny as I am often called by a few friends, is now only more fitting since my new last name is Quisenberry. So Mrs. Quis {thats me!} flying high in the sky is an ultimate queeny day. Or taking fashion photo shoots in vintage vietnam helicopters and in front of our country's coolest aircrafts, ranks pretty high on my queen for a day to-list. But if your schedule doesn't allow for a Q day, put on a Queen necklace {crown and all} so you don't forget to make time for the most important queen of all, You.

Queeny stone necklace
Large smokey topaz crowned on 24" gold chain and layered with pink stone chain $135

Queeny Pearl necklace
Fancy cultured crowned pearl on 18" gold chain $50

Want something you see on our blog?? Email OCD214@gmail.com or check out our online store



¡feliz dia de los muertos!

me: aye aye aye ¡¡¡feliz el la diaz das me muer-ota-os-is!!!

the hubs: what?

me: de los murtos? muuuertttas? mueltas? oh hell, Day of the Dead. Happy Day of the Dead.

the hubs: ¡feliz dia de los muertos! Didn't you take spanish? In college?
I keenly remember spring break in Cabo- you acted like you were fluent? You spoke to EVERYONE in spanish.

me: that was the tequila talking. and I did take spanish. online.

the hubs: that explains a lot.

well, I may not know spanish fluently but I know a necklace design when I see one and I LOVE this necklace! To me, the three chains represent the past, the present and the future.

I would definitely wear it to a "Day of the Dead" parade or festival but unfortunately, my past {last night's parade in NYC .....btw, happy halloween!} took out all my energy. Guess I will have to wait for the future.

past, present and future necklace $65



fly high!

More African inspiration.
These two colorful critters completely stopped me in our Land Rover tracks. While bird watching is not a favorite past time of mine, these two winged beauties enamored myself and my fellow safarians.

And it got me thinking.....

If the bird kingdom is anything like high school, the midnight blue bird would definitely be the star quarterback while his arm-candy cheerleader girlfriend would be the colorful birdie below. In short, these are the popular birds you really want to sit next to in the cafeteria.

The blue in both of these struck me as unusual for africa. Most colors you think of when thinking of Africa are oranges and reds. But, flying high up as the birdies do {in our cessna caravan bush plane}, I found that blue is everywhere in the Okavanga delta.

At just 4,000ft above, elephants can be easily seen crossing the low waters of the delta.

Easy to extract the rich blues of Africa to make fun, going-out earrings. A definite accessory to make you the popular girlie {or birdie} everyone wants to sit next to in the cafeteria!

cascading iolite drops in 18k vermeil ovals $80

10k gold chain with laborite, iolite, and crystal drop earrings $65

Email order inquires to OCD214@gmail.com




a recap of "where the wild things are"

hello life. I feel as if I have woke from a very long sleep. Sort of like the book and now movie, where the wild things are. Oh I cannot WAIT to see it! I re-read the book today and if you were wondering exactly how it went, well, it went a lot (but not exactly) like the following.......

I put on my monster costume and achieved all sorts of mischief.
I continued until my mom yelled at me and told me that I was WILD.
I yelled back "i'm going to eat you"
I was sent to bed without dinner.
soon a forest started growing in my bedroom.
it got bigger.
then i took my own private boat to find where the wild things are.
I found them after being on that boat for over a year.
they were terrible and mean and had crazy yellow eyes.
I shouted at them and told them I was going to eat them.
they became very scared.
I became king of the wild things.
While I was king, we did lots of fun things: swinging from trees, ruling the land, running and jumping and play.
But the wild things were still wild and terrible.
They told me they were going to eat me.
I told them that they must go to bed without dinner for being so terrible.
Then I got lonely.
I decided I wanted to go back home so I jumped on my private boat and said goodbye.
I travelled on that boat for over a year.
I made it home, to my bedroom, with dinner waiting.
It was still warm.

This book (and movie I am guessing) teaches many life lessons. One may be how an authoritative figure affects the actions of a child.

I wish more parents re-read this book to learn that valuable lesson. But my favorite part is the the ending. I love the notion of "it was still warm".

Who keeps things warm in your life?? A friend, a sister, a significant other, a mom?? Dreams are magical but the people who "keep life warm" are what make the magic.

I am headed off to Dallas tomorrow to see my magical family and to watch the magic of the texas longhorns....

while wearing these! (didn't think I could sneak some jewelry in there, did ya???)

Huge freshwater pearls & black onyx rounds dropping from 18k vermeil teardrops $80

keep it wild, xoxoxo



monkey see, monkey do

Have you ever experienced the rich and vibrant colors of Africa? The sunsets will truly take your breath away! {as will the hippos!}
My new inspiration happened on my recent adventure, somewhere between Sandibe and Nxabega safari camps in Botswana.

I need not explain- I'll leave it to the monkeys..........

The yellow tones and golden hues got me thinking of one of my favorite stones- citrine! Here is a fabulous pair of yellow citrine chandeliers that will make any monkey go ape!

African Sunset Citrine Earrings $70




thank you, Mr. Penn

Irving Penn passed away this wednesday, 7 october 2009, at the ripe age of 92. His iconic fashion photography was usually light filled and remniscent of the 1950s-60s fashion era.... which i'm currently lusting over. His work was all over Vogue and Hapers Bazaar, we can thank him for many beautiful pieces, such as this one...

Irving Penn photo, Lisa Fonssagrives, Paris, 1950 from the collection of Sir Elton John
auctioned off 14 october 2004, new york, for $57,360 *{Miss Fonssagrives, the photographer's favorite model and muse actually became Mr. Penn's wife in 1950}
{photo from christie's auction house lot 73 sale 1541}

i'm loving 50s style red with gold like these little baubles...
{gold vermiel earrings with wrapped fire quartz teardrop $64}

goodbye and thank you mr. penn.

love missy


the land of milk and honey....

our first press piece!!!
(maybe not first, but definitely most notable)
check it out here:

{claire, in the middle, is such an amazing, creative, and beautiful friend! congrats on her success with BEEHIVE!!
the most fabulous boutique in Austin! }


"Looking for some arm candy? Stock up on bangles, rings, necklaces and more by hippie heiress Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow line. And if you’re not an heiress yourself, don’t fret, because Beehive carries designer-inspired bags at affordable prices. Other accessory lines carried in Beehive include Citrine by the Stones, David Aubrey and Ettika. Austin jewelry lines Lauren Jane, Tracy Tenpenny and K. Clair are also carried. "

ENVY magazine, The Land of Milk and Honey September 8, 2009 by Madeline Hollern

{were so proud of our little lady pirate!!!}
WE LOVE YOU, CLAIRE! thank you for supporting lauren jane jewels and OCD!!

xoxo becca + missy



glamour-puss... eyelashes {via bird + banner}

my beautiful sister and i being glamour-pusses on her wedding day {via gary at f8}

butterflies in memory of my grandmother... the ultimate glamour-puss {via butterflyutopia.com}

glamour- puss gold vermiel and pearl earrings $65 {obv, via ocd}

xoxo missy


aug 29,what a tres chic day

its been quite a summer... we've both traveled to some pretty fantastic locations: new york, los angeles, palm springs, miami, austin, houston, new orleans, all while living in a pretty amazing city in itself, good old dallas texas.
Most recently BIG D-little a- double l-a-s had a very big event... Becca + Chandler got married!!! It was definitely THE party of the season. Everyone in attendance was so beautiful, loving, and excited for the two lovebirds which made it all the better. B, of course, created all of the wedding party earrings... they were all different with the same citrine stone... absolutely divine

gold vermiel drops with citrine precious stones $90

more photos to come...
xoxo missy


buzz on over to beehive!

I am hitting the friendly skies tomorrow and heading to my second favorite place in the world...AUSTIN! Second only to the seat between my chandler and missy. Oh i cant wait! I am headed to Beehive, the cutest and newest boutique in the hippie chic city of music!, to throw a parrtty for some fabulous austinite ladies! My mission..... to help mix and match outfits and design and create custom jewelry to accessorize these beauties!

Want to have a private shopping event for you and your best friends at Beehive? Contact Claire at EventsBeehive@gmail.com

Happy shopping!



a beautiful bride!

it's may. wait a second........it is about to be JUNE! whoa. what happened?! for starters, google would not let me upload pictures because my picasa web albums reached their limit storage capacity. yes, it took me 2 months to figure it out. (And I thought I was computer savvy!) 

Oh well, time is flying by fast and i can barely hold on! One wonderful thing that did happen in this fury of time + space, my sweet friend Susan married her dream man Knox! 

Georgia  +  Susan 
(g. is wearing a single vermeil clover necklace, s. is wearing the multi-vermeil clover necklace)

I was so sad to be double booked that weekend and was unable to attend Susan's wedding but OCD was there! I was so honored when she asked me to create something special for her maids and wedding party! Here are a few pics from the amazing event in the Garden Isle of South Carolina....

The wedding party! All in OCD perfectly paired necklaces! 

The rough sapphires in 3's on large oval 14k fill chain necklace and single vermeil clover on 14k gold fill chain necklace.

Beautiful friends: Linsey + Courtney
Linsey in single vermeil clover necklace and courtney in a custom made "re-worked" piece and OCD silver chain belt.

the always late but always fabulous,
OCD 214