look at the colors of this ad.'t it make you want to frolic the streets of paris? (well, good job is their ad, shot in paris) oh i just love this picture. I have it yanked out of a mag and placed on my most recent addition to my new inspiration bulletin board. BTW-i have a window. I can now enjoy watching the many people show up at Baylor hospital. Bliss.

While my board is not much now, it brings thoughts of love, color, design, outdoors and play to me while I send emails. It is mainly composed of pictures of the usual suspects.....chandler, missy, my college best friends, missy's fairy god child (sir henry) and other colorful shots. I do really love the hot tub shot of my ski group--all 8 of us in Deer Valley / Park City. That is a extra-special pic in that it actually made it to a frame. Ok, so you don't care i have a window in my office. But maybe you will enjoy the earrings that were inspired from this fair lady jumping for the camera in a beautiful hermes dress......

blue quartz crystals dangling in vermeil squares. $42

laser cut ovals with burnt orange rounds. $18

hope you get inspired today.