Holidays getting you down?? Don't stress. The big day is almost here. Just like this lil birdie, Christmas is about the small things. Small fries. Small wishes. Big hugs.
Christmas is not about the gifts you receive nor sugar cookies you take down (trust me, your waist line will thank me!) so focus on the things that really matter. Family, friends and all that jazz.
A close friend of mine and her mom purchased these earrings for a gift for Christmas. She also purchased about 10 other pairs of earrings and 15 + necklaces. I spent more time at their house than I did at Northpark mall. It was bliss. Every time I walked in, my sweet friends greeted me like I was travelling from a far distance to meet them. Like their personal OCD appointment was a highly sought after item, comparable to the hype toys of the world- "tickle me elmo" or the Nintendo Wii. That is something I love about making jewelry and selling during the holiday season. Warm homes. Great conversation. Wonderful friends. So thank you, my sweet friends, for making my holiday a bit more special this year.

Laser cut gold earrings with blue glass stones $38
a very merry christmas,