Holidays getting you down?? Don't stress. The big day is almost here. Just like this lil birdie, Christmas is about the small things. Small fries. Small wishes. Big hugs.
Christmas is not about the gifts you receive nor sugar cookies you take down (trust me, your waist line will thank me!) so focus on the things that really matter. Family, friends and all that jazz.
A close friend of mine and her mom purchased these earrings for a gift for Christmas. She also purchased about 10 other pairs of earrings and 15 + necklaces. I spent more time at their house than I did at Northpark mall. It was bliss. Every time I walked in, my sweet friends greeted me like I was travelling from a far distance to meet them. Like their personal OCD appointment was a highly sought after item, comparable to the hype toys of the world- "tickle me elmo" or the Nintendo Wii. That is something I love about making jewelry and selling during the holiday season. Warm homes. Great conversation. Wonderful friends. So thank you, my sweet friends, for making my holiday a bit more special this year.

Laser cut gold earrings with blue glass stones $38
a very merry christmas,

vino anyone?? OCD Sample Sale!

Come join OCD toast to the holiday season and pick up some last minute gifts! We will be at Veritas Wine bar (2323 N. Henderson, Dallas) on Thursday, December 18th from 5pm-9ish! Throughout December, we have been introducing our new line-- Lauren Jane by OCD. While prices are still ridiculously low, Lauren Jane is our fancier line. Think 14 k gold vermeil, sterling silver, and lots of custom pieces! The best part, most earrings are still under $40!

So what is on your wish list this year??

I am absolutely obsessed with this wine carafe from A+R store.

I can see it now, pouring a glass of petite shiraz while wearing these new large vermeil amethyst drops! You know, winter is all about fabulous coats and large earrings. Keeps the outfit looking hot when all you can wear is a black turtleneck, layered over another long sleeve shirt, that does nothing for your figure. Texas weather, go figure!

Oh well, I love the holidays!

We can't wait to see you at Veritas! Bottoms up!



look at the colors of this ad. orange....flames....crisp.....blue.......clean.....doesn't it make you want to frolic the streets of paris? (well, good job Hermes...it is their ad, shot in paris) oh i just love this picture. I have it yanked out of a mag and placed on my most recent addition to my new office.....an inspiration bulletin board. BTW-i have a window. I can now enjoy watching the many people show up at Baylor hospital. Bliss.

While my board is not much now, it brings thoughts of love, color, design, outdoors and play to me while I send emails. It is mainly composed of pictures of the usual suspects.....chandler, missy, my college best friends, missy's fairy god child (sir henry) and other colorful shots. I do really love the hot tub shot of my ski group--all 8 of us in Deer Valley / Park City. That is a extra-special pic in that it actually made it to a frame. Ok, so you don't care i have a window in my office. But maybe you will enjoy the earrings that were inspired from this fair lady jumping for the camera in a beautiful hermes dress......

blue quartz crystals dangling in vermeil squares. $42

laser cut ovals with burnt orange rounds. $18

hope you get inspired today.