did I mention chandler asked me to.....

MARRY HIM?!?! omg!!!!!!

(our sweet friend ginna hid in the bushes and snapped photos of the entire thing!)

i love this man

i have not stopped smiling for 2 weeks. now we have started to plan. I must begin with this sign below............

so far, wedding planning has been such a breeze! (yes, i am only 2 weeks in but....) I am so thankful for my wonderful rogers, mom quis, and missy. I love you all forever. And remind me of this blog post when i get mean....or cry....or throw things....

other things that make me smile......
Jennifer earrings.....with large garnet stone.....$36

more engagement pics!


Ed Hardy Show

It's that time again, Fashion in the Park! OCD was there with iphone's in hand. Here are some shots we got of the show.

One of the Ed Hardy designers (t-shirt division, I'm guessing) took a model with an oversized Ed Hardy shirt and cut it with sissors until it fit her body, leaving little to the imagination. It was pretty cool, especially when he grabbed a random girl from the audience and did the same. Glad my bra wasn't tossed to the crowd!

Our friend Eric was a model in the show and did fabulous!

Next up.....Barney's!

Oh by the cute earrings I wore to the show!

Gold vermeil octahedron earrings $40




it's a perfect day

It is a wonderful day! For friends, you know why.....(its my bday!)

So here is some wonderful earrings to match the way I feel! I wore them to the Shiny Toy Gun concert last night at the Loft. Sooo fun!

Large gold hoop with coin pearl $30

Here are some pictures from the concert last night. Hot Chip last week. Shiny Toy Guns this week. Ting Tings next week. Holy moly life is good!

Cool pic, right? I love the umbrellas on the ceiling!

After the show, I got to meet and hang out with the band. Ends up, Chad and I were born on the same day!

Such a fun show! Hope everyone is having as great of a day as I am!