my favorite yoga pose, "tree" or" Vrksasana"

I LOVE yoga. I have been doing it for about 7 years now... I started my freshman year in college and have tried lots of different types: hot yoga (bikram), vinyasa, and ashtanga. I've participated in workshops, tried out different studios all over, and bought dvd's. Just like all the different types of yoga and different ways to do it, very time I practice, I get different benefits from the repetitive poses and focused breathing.

Sometimes it is purely stress-relieving.
Sometimes it makes me feel stronger.
Sometimes it helps me with my insomnia.
Sometimes it helps me listen to my inner voice.
Sometimes it helps me focus.

Although, it ALWAYS it makes me feel good.

It's like my own little homeopathic drug, helping me along in life to get through the next day and the day after that, and after that, and so on.....

Becca and I started selling the jewelry to Yoga studios and Spas such as Exhale in Dallas and have had some great success. It helps that I sell a yoga clothing line, but I love working with the yoga community as a whole. They all have an inner peace that radiates when you are with them. So, thanks to all the Yogi's in my life!

Here are a few designs that are preferred by our yogi friends:
organic leaf drop necklace $30
organic circle earrings with precious stone $24
organic paisley earrings with precious stones $28

have a peaceful day + namaste!
xoxo missy