fall is coming!

Fall trends.

Like shiny new backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils, fall trends bring hopeful organization, childish excitement, and an end to a scorching hot summer.

I love fall. I was born in the fall. Football season is in the fall. And so brings the newest creations from my favorite designers!

Here are some looks I can't wait to try......

nothing says fall like wool (with a lining pleez...hate scratchy fabric!)

Pair a high waisted skirt with a fitted white shirt and an oversized bag and presto! fall look #1

The scarf you better be wearing...............

How can you not love scrunched brown boots? Stemmed from Fall 07, these boots paired with a simple dress and very trendy neck scarf and there you go! Fall look #2

Dark purples and navy....what a better combo? this layered shift dress would be perfect with an over sized fur (see below) and a chunky metal necklace. Ohhhh the best part....this could pair with strappy sandals for a more toned down event such as a wedding or with platform stacked nude heels for your next biggest event. Fall look #3

I love white and black and puffy (but not too puffy) sleeves. this dress is so me! Fall look #4


Faux or Grandma's closet....I love fur! Paired with high waisted jeans or covering a cocktail dress, fur is in! Fall look #5

OCD always in season!
India silver flower, coin pearl and garnet stack make this necklace pair perfectly with any of these fall fashions! And for only $28, you can still afford those new shoes to make a chic outfit complete this fall!

**for ordering inquiries, email OCD214@gmail.com