fireworks in Vegas

On our latest adventure, OCD traveled to Sin City to spend the 4th of July in style! To start our holiday weekend, we attended the grand opening of Christian Auglier’s (Ed Hardy) new club at Treasure Island. Not my favorite hotel but how could you miss a grand opening event with Nick Cannon as guest DJ?! Sitting on our couch with a group of boring yet attractive Brazilian guys (guy: Nice blouse? us: What?!), we got an eyeful with the two poles set up on each side of our elevated VIP level. After a couple DJ sets by Nick Cannon, we had enough. We got to see Christian and even walked in with Mike Tyson, but all in all, the guest list was a bit too loose on dress code (see pole dancers).

Nick Cannon spinning at Christian Auglier

Pole dancers

So we decided our best bet was to hit up our favorite Vegas hot spot Pure. Last time we were at Pure, Chris Angel made matches disappear in Missy’s hand all night and I talked with Pam Anderson as DJ AM did his thang. I like DJ AM but I would say only 50% of the times I have heard him, he has been good. Only once he has totally wow’d me. I’ve heard much better local DJ’s in Austin and Dallas (DJ Lucy Wrubel) that could top his spins but whatever, not complaining.


So onto Pure we went! We had our own table that overlooked the packed crowd as we mingled and requested songs to the DJ next to us. I could have danced all night!!! Oh wait, I think we did.

Missy and I at our table
The best part of the night involved rain! A group of guys up on the table level with us decided to make it rain and pulled out a stack of five hundred $1 bills! Missy got majority of the first stack and threw it out into the dancing crowd! Girls were fighting each other to get the bills! I think I saw one girl take off her stiletto and swing it at another oncoming money-grabber! I was so thankful to be throwing the money rather than collecting.
We tucked ourselves into bed around 6:30 just in time to see the sunrise from our 27th floor room. Such a fun night……

Letting it rain!!!

my beautiful sis tempting the crowd

Fellow party-goer. Too fun!!!

my earrings that night!