i run

I run. (and jog. and walk.) I average about 15 to 20 miles a week, 90% being outdoors on the Katy Trail and Turtle Creek here in Dallas. I run to clear my head. I run because it makes me feel good. I run to get places. And, yes....I run because I am leaving for Hawaii in 36 days!

All in all, I run because I enjoy it and I do it simply for me. It is one of the few things I can be completely selfish and do. I splurge on fancy shoes, nike dri-fit shorts, yummy tanks and super comfy sport bras. I spend about $16 on one pair of socks! And that doesn't even include the "after attire"! My favorite...pink lotus and green dragon. Best to throw on before you leave for post-workout dinner.

But despite all those reasons, last night I found another reason to love running.

First of all, I am not one of those competitive runners who refuses to stop and walk when I am out of breath nor am I one of those runners who speeds up when someone is trying to pass me. I am usually too zoned-out to even notice!

Anyway, I was finishing mile 4 on a 6 mile jog when I revved up to pass a heavier set gentleman in an extremely sweaty red t-shirt. Once I was right next to this fella, he starts hauling! Arms swinging and pushing his hardest. My first reaction was to think this man was a total jerk! Then I thought to myself, SPEED UP! My competitive side totally kicked in. Soon, the man got far enough away from me to see. This man that had totally whipped me had a prosthetic leg.

Wow. What a kick in the chest. Not because I was beaten by a handicap, heavy-set, older man but that this handicap, heavy-set, older man was out there running. Just like me. Trying much harder than me. And enjoying himself, much more than me.

He slowed down in about 1/4 mile and stepped to the side when I noticed a huge smile appear on his face.

I realized he did not speed up to beat / be faster / or impress me but to merely beat the fact that he had titanium and plastic for a leg.

The only metal I was wearing was my small silk thread bracelet. I don't make many bracelets. Actually, this is my only one. But it comes in 14 different colors and can have gold or silver clasps. It is the only jewelry I wear running. Actually, I pretty much never take it off. And now, it will remind me of that heavy-set, older man who kicked my two legged butt!!

Double strand silk bracelet $10

Colors: red, pink, navy, royal blue, light blue, deep purple, light purple, yellow, forest green, kelly green, white, brown, black, and gray. Avail: gold or silver. Sizes: S, M, L

To order, email OCD214@gmail.com