I don't do lines

The new iphone came out today. Yes, double the speed at half the price......aka: mass line forming outside every AT&T and Apple store in America (see above). Hope your blackberry doesn't break soon because you won't get in touch with an AT&T sales person for days.

Since my precious iphone broke weeks ago, I have had the inclination to jump into the iphone craze and potentially risk a long morning outside a strip shopping phone store. But no, I do not do lines. I do like that Apple is taking over the world. I am like an impatient child waiting for my birthday (Oct 8th if you are wondering) so I can have a reason to get the Apple air laptop. Actually, I break small electronics so I might stick with the Macbook. Regardless, I LOVE APPLE! But I do not love lines. Then again, there is one line I will wait in............

have a happy iphone / starbucks morning!

love love,