Social Calendar

hi all.. missy, becca's sister here again, bringing you a lovely post.

with summer already here, (where did spring go??) i am realizing that my social calendar is almost full until fall. i have to attend weddings, wedding showers, housewarmings, pool parties, fundraisers, baby showers, batchelorette parties, and my own birthday party to add to the list. every time i get an invite or start planning a party, i always think first about the perfect outfit to wear.

this is a big deal.
it can make or break your event.
if you don't look and feel good, you (at least me) will not have a good time.

as for me it is usually a fabulous dress. i absolutely LOVE dresses. i collect them. i have dresses for every social occasion that you can think of. i even have special dresses to wear to the movies or to the dog park... weird i know, but dresses are my thing.

some of my favorite dresses are by amazing designer thread social.

thread social "ruffled v-neck dress" $644

one of my favorite stores that you can always find thread social is in Oklahoma City, OK in Nichols Hills Plaza. if you haven't been to OKC, this should be your first stop. Its called Gretta Sloane and is owned by my BFF, katherine. they carry the best dresses anywhere... you can always find a fun party frock or an daytime pool dress in a pinch.

sooooo then my second thought after the dress is "what to wear with the dress?" I can wear these OCD earrings with every dress I own. Perfect for the party dress and perfect for the lounge maxi dress... so i call them the "socalite" earrings.

OCD "socialite" earrings $22


xoxo missy