ready for fall...

who loves VOGUE magazine?? who doesn't?!?
I just got a new one in the mail and I get so excited about it i save it to read at night in the bathtub when I don't have anything to distract me. Ohhh it is just delicious. I love looking at all the beautiful items that we will all be snatching up for fall. Working in fashion, I am always looking towards the next season.. regardless of the weather outside.

I actually went to the VOGUE offices when I was living in NY and working for Angela Horton Cashmere. It is just as you would expect, beautiful girls (and guys) running around trying to get their respective jobs done all while looking utterly fabulous and not a hair out of place. It was a lot like the movie in which portrays a fictional "Anna Wintour" played by Meryl Streep as the devil at "RUNWAY" magazine instead of VOGUE. Well, you saw it... i don't need to explain.

It was amazing the accuracy that the movie portrayed the real thing. Here is a photo of the Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour's office, and one of the office in the movie...

funny how exact it was, right?!
I love how classically styled everyone is in these photos. A crisp white collared shirt with a black skirt is just beautiful. I can't wait till it gets a bit cooler outside and I can wear my favorite one from anne fontaine. The white shirt looks especially fabulous if you wear a gorgeous long necklace tucked under the collar. Who can forget that unbelievable CHANEL chain necklace Andi wore the first day after her "makeover"!? Long chain necklaces also look great with all the ruffled necklines that are in right now... these you can wear all summer long and pair them with a jacket for fall! there is a way to fight that yucky economy!

ocd pearl quatrifoil necklace in gold $36
robert rodriguez ruffled top

so, grab your pearls girls, (that is your pearl quatrfoil necklace), and your copy of VOGUE and strut your fabulousness!

xoxo missy