please, please say a little prayer for me. well, pray for my iphone. it is lost.

i know there are much worse things in this world to have happened to me but i left my iphone in a cab on friday night. you know you have hit "crackberry" status when you are truly in a fog with out your multi-use cell phone. when i realized i could not check my gmail nor google my heart's desires on my savvy lil iphone, i freaked. please please pray it will end up in the "lost and found" at yellow cab headquarters!

so losing my iphone (and hopefully finding....) got me thinking about all things LOST. the LOST season finale. my iphone. lohans heterosexual sanity. jen's blackberry pearl (also lost in a cab on friday night). tumbleweeds.

wait, wait. tumbleweeds?

being from texas, i have seen some huge tumbleweeds. gigantic tumbleweeds. mostly in the little cities around west texas. so i brought one to dallas.

Tumbleweed necklace (also available in gold) $26

**for ordering options, email