happy dad's day!!!!!!!

On this glorious day, we celebrate our wonderful fathers. So today, I write in honor of my Daddy!
After spending a great day by pool, we are looking forward to Uncle Julios tonight (a Sunday tradition). But before we head off, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my wonderful Dad. To explain him, you must first know his nicknames: shrub, smiley rob, and mr. big. All hold a special meaning.

Shrub was created when he was an SAE at Texas Tech. I am guessing you get where that is going. Oh, I just love it when my mom retells that story....."well, I couldn't find your father all night. Then, there were these legs, familiar legs, coming out of the shrubs outside the party!" Shrub is the name my closest girlfriends know him as, which is perfect because it describes the party side of my dad! He has been and will always be the most fun dad to party with. A perfect example of Shrub's party side occurred at numerous Kappa Parents Weekend at UT. I would overhear friends say they just "forgot" to tell their dads or they were so relieved their parents couldn't make it. Not me! My friends and I would be so excited when Shrub and Mom would walk through the door. Loaded with a case of Bud Light and a big smile, how could you not be excited?!

Shrub and I at Pat O's in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Dad is a member of the krewe Endymion. 

That brings me to his second nickname, Mr. Big. It all started at my sister's 21 birthday bash in Vegas. With 8 of her closest girlfriends on each arm, Dad was coined Mr. Big. It was a perfect fit as my Mr. Big lives life large. He always makes sure his girls are taken care of. For example, when I was at UT in Austin, Dad would call and say, "be ready in 35 minutes." I knew immediately he was about to take off and he would be in Austin within the hour. He would fly down for the evening just to take me to dinner to one of our favorite places, Jeffery's or Eddie V's. Mr. Big has taught Missy and I to never settle on the average but to seek out quality, luxury and beauty in all things. And this doesn't have to be a tangible items, but more importantly seek out quality in your friendships, your work, how you spend your time and the rest of the loves in your life. 

Dad with the Stan Barrett, a close friend and hollywood legend (as stunt man for paul newman and the driver of the Rocket Car!)

Lastly, my dad is frequently referred to as Smiley Rob. Just talking to my Dad for 5 minutes and you will know why. I really don't know when this nickname evolved but it is the side of my Dad that is shown the most. It is a rare day to catch my dad not smiling. I think this is my favorite nickname simply because it teaches the infectious behavior of laughing and smiling in and at life. 

Fly fishing in Taos / Red River, New Mexico. A yearly tradition

So in honor of dad, here are some quality, happy, party earrings!

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Happy dad's day!