friends don't let friends dress bad

Word on the street there is a new cyber hot spot in town! It's called My Closet My Life and it will rock your wardrobe!

Grab a camera and your manolos! This grown-up version of facebook might actually help you to look good!!

Planning to wear that Julie Haus dress to that charity event you've been looking forward to for like forever?? You know, the one that everyone will be at? Make sure your dress doesn't walk through the door twice by posting it on MyClosetMyLife! Claim your fabulous frock to fellow attendees (aka your friends). It is that simple!

Or, not sure what to wear? Ask for fashion advice! This cyber hot spot has it all! Just read the blurp from the website:

We provide services to our users to help them look their best and stay on top of the newest styles and gossip. Services include access to My Closet My Life’s fashion experts who are standing by to help you choose the right outfit and look for all occasions. There are many fashion expert plans available depending on your lifestyle. Submitting outfits to fashion experts is simple and easy, and will result in confidence with your new look. The blog is free to all users, and provides you with gossip around the fashion community, new celebrity looks, and up-to-date information on new applications and features.

Oh another perk over facebook, this time you know you won't be poked by that kiddie you babysat in college.......

So tell me, what do you think of these? They are soooo going on my next post on myclosetmylife!

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