ahhhh... moments

I love things that make you say or think "ahhhh..."
for example:
1. getting out of a really hard yoga class
2. babies
3. sitting outside on a 75 degree day, basking in the sunlight
4. a bubble bath
5. getting flowers
6. a beautiful piece of art
You get the idea.

one of my favorite "ahhh..." moments is sitting outside in the morning with my starbucks and jack. When I take the first sip of my grande nonfat two splenda latte, I say "ahhh" every time. I can't help it, the noise just comes out of my mouth. And usually, jack reacts the same way by settling on the deck in a sunny spot to warm his little coat.

jack sunning in the morning

I sometimes have this reaction while shopping as well. I will see a dress or a pair of shoes or handbag and i will react with an audible "ahhh"... It is like there are lots of these little releases stuck in my body just waiting for something fabulous to trigger them to come out.
When Becca and I do trunkshows, "ahhh..." is all we hear all day. It is mixed in with lots of "ohhhs" and "i lovvvveeee" and "sooooo cute's" but there are lots of "ahhhs... "

When Becca first showed me this necklace I had an "ahhh" moment... hope it does the same for you. :)

gold "ring" necklace with freshwater pearls $32

xoxo missy