Laissez les bon temps roulez!

This past weekend I graced the Big Easy for the wedding of my dear friends Danny Mraz and Adriane Peper. It was a beautiful event held at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

While in the Crescent City, I made my way to some favorites…..
*Pat O’s (try the less famous Cyclone rather than a hurricane….amazing)
*Bourbon Rocks (take your most extrovert friends and get them onstage for the music / comedy acts)
*Acme Oyster House (try the char grilled oysters)
*The Palace (or any of Brennan’s famed restaurants)

and of course.............

*Café Du Monde

I even squeezed in a little antique shopping down Royal Street. I am still dreaming about the 4 carat diamond and yellow gold / platinum mix cocktail ring…..oh that baby was beautiful! And yes, it would have been a cocktail ring :) I did miss a favorite, Scriptura, which is a fabulous stationary and paper store. Guess I will have to wait for next year at Mardi Gras!

As you can see, I wore my finest OCD pieces. Here are some fun pics from the weekend!

Sipping a cold friendly at Bourbon Rocks!

Large Gold Vermeil hoop earrings $26

Gold "Van Cleef" Cut-out Vermeil necklace $36

Enjoying the 2nd Line Parade band at the wedding!

Dripping pearl earrings --beige and gold $22

To order anything you see on this blog, please email

Laissez les bon temps roulez! (let the good times roll!)




i read this quote this morning and thought it was too wonderful not to share. enjoy

xoxo missy

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you're very lucky, a plane ride away.
- Carrie from Sex and the City


pretty pictures

i LOVE these georgus illustrations by Kareem Iliya @
the way the necklaces are not any color... makes them seem like they are shiny and reflecting off runway lights!

i think one of these girls might wear this necklace...

gold turquoise cluster necklace $34



ahhhh... moments

I love things that make you say or think "ahhhh..."
for example:
1. getting out of a really hard yoga class
2. babies
3. sitting outside on a 75 degree day, basking in the sunlight
4. a bubble bath
5. getting flowers
6. a beautiful piece of art
You get the idea.

one of my favorite "ahhh..." moments is sitting outside in the morning with my starbucks and jack. When I take the first sip of my grande nonfat two splenda latte, I say "ahhh" every time. I can't help it, the noise just comes out of my mouth. And usually, jack reacts the same way by settling on the deck in a sunny spot to warm his little coat.

jack sunning in the morning

I sometimes have this reaction while shopping as well. I will see a dress or a pair of shoes or handbag and i will react with an audible "ahhh"... It is like there are lots of these little releases stuck in my body just waiting for something fabulous to trigger them to come out.
When Becca and I do trunkshows, "ahhh..." is all we hear all day. It is mixed in with lots of "ohhhs" and "i lovvvveeee" and "sooooo cute's" but there are lots of "ahhhs... "

When Becca first showed me this necklace I had an "ahhh" moment... hope it does the same for you. :)

gold "ring" necklace with freshwater pearls $32

xoxo missy


ready for fall...

who loves VOGUE magazine?? who doesn't?!?
I just got a new one in the mail and I get so excited about it i save it to read at night in the bathtub when I don't have anything to distract me. Ohhh it is just delicious. I love looking at all the beautiful items that we will all be snatching up for fall. Working in fashion, I am always looking towards the next season.. regardless of the weather outside.

I actually went to the VOGUE offices when I was living in NY and working for Angela Horton Cashmere. It is just as you would expect, beautiful girls (and guys) running around trying to get their respective jobs done all while looking utterly fabulous and not a hair out of place. It was a lot like the movie in which portrays a fictional "Anna Wintour" played by Meryl Streep as the devil at "RUNWAY" magazine instead of VOGUE. Well, you saw it... i don't need to explain.

It was amazing the accuracy that the movie portrayed the real thing. Here is a photo of the Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour's office, and one of the office in the movie...

funny how exact it was, right?!
I love how classically styled everyone is in these photos. A crisp white collared shirt with a black skirt is just beautiful. I can't wait till it gets a bit cooler outside and I can wear my favorite one from anne fontaine. The white shirt looks especially fabulous if you wear a gorgeous long necklace tucked under the collar. Who can forget that unbelievable CHANEL chain necklace Andi wore the first day after her "makeover"!? Long chain necklaces also look great with all the ruffled necklines that are in right now... these you can wear all summer long and pair them with a jacket for fall! there is a way to fight that yucky economy!

ocd pearl quatrifoil necklace in gold $36
robert rodriguez ruffled top

so, grab your pearls girls, (that is your pearl quatrfoil necklace), and your copy of VOGUE and strut your fabulousness!

xoxo missy


friends don't let friends dress bad

Word on the street there is a new cyber hot spot in town! It's called My Closet My Life and it will rock your wardrobe!

Grab a camera and your manolos! This grown-up version of facebook might actually help you to look good!!

Planning to wear that Julie Haus dress to that charity event you've been looking forward to for like forever?? You know, the one that everyone will be at? Make sure your dress doesn't walk through the door twice by posting it on MyClosetMyLife! Claim your fabulous frock to fellow attendees (aka your friends). It is that simple!

Or, not sure what to wear? Ask for fashion advice! This cyber hot spot has it all! Just read the blurp from the website:

We provide services to our users to help them look their best and stay on top of the newest styles and gossip. Services include access to My Closet My Life’s fashion experts who are standing by to help you choose the right outfit and look for all occasions. There are many fashion expert plans available depending on your lifestyle. Submitting outfits to fashion experts is simple and easy, and will result in confidence with your new look. The blog is free to all users, and provides you with gossip around the fashion community, new celebrity looks, and up-to-date information on new applications and features.

Oh another perk over facebook, this time you know you won't be poked by that kiddie you babysat in college.......

So tell me, what do you think of these? They are soooo going on my next post on myclosetmylife!

gray and gold crystal hex drops $22

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happy dad's day!!!!!!!

On this glorious day, we celebrate our wonderful fathers. So today, I write in honor of my Daddy!
After spending a great day by pool, we are looking forward to Uncle Julios tonight (a Sunday tradition). But before we head off, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my wonderful Dad. To explain him, you must first know his nicknames: shrub, smiley rob, and mr. big. All hold a special meaning.

Shrub was created when he was an SAE at Texas Tech. I am guessing you get where that is going. Oh, I just love it when my mom retells that story....."well, I couldn't find your father all night. Then, there were these legs, familiar legs, coming out of the shrubs outside the party!" Shrub is the name my closest girlfriends know him as, which is perfect because it describes the party side of my dad! He has been and will always be the most fun dad to party with. A perfect example of Shrub's party side occurred at numerous Kappa Parents Weekend at UT. I would overhear friends say they just "forgot" to tell their dads or they were so relieved their parents couldn't make it. Not me! My friends and I would be so excited when Shrub and Mom would walk through the door. Loaded with a case of Bud Light and a big smile, how could you not be excited?!

Shrub and I at Pat O's in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Dad is a member of the krewe Endymion. 

That brings me to his second nickname, Mr. Big. It all started at my sister's 21 birthday bash in Vegas. With 8 of her closest girlfriends on each arm, Dad was coined Mr. Big. It was a perfect fit as my Mr. Big lives life large. He always makes sure his girls are taken care of. For example, when I was at UT in Austin, Dad would call and say, "be ready in 35 minutes." I knew immediately he was about to take off and he would be in Austin within the hour. He would fly down for the evening just to take me to dinner to one of our favorite places, Jeffery's or Eddie V's. Mr. Big has taught Missy and I to never settle on the average but to seek out quality, luxury and beauty in all things. And this doesn't have to be a tangible items, but more importantly seek out quality in your friendships, your work, how you spend your time and the rest of the loves in your life. 

Dad with the Stan Barrett, a close friend and hollywood legend (as stunt man for paul newman and the driver of the Rocket Car!)

Lastly, my dad is frequently referred to as Smiley Rob. Just talking to my Dad for 5 minutes and you will know why. I really don't know when this nickname evolved but it is the side of my Dad that is shown the most. It is a rare day to catch my dad not smiling. I think this is my favorite nickname simply because it teaches the infectious behavior of laughing and smiling in and at life. 

Fly fishing in Taos / Red River, New Mexico. A yearly tradition

So in honor of dad, here are some quality, happy, party earrings!

**triple silver hoops (available in gold) $22

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Happy dad's day!



i heart music

my new favorite blog (0ther than my own) hehe


dj OCD

blue by OCD

Vera, Oscar, Monique, Carolina.........all my favorites!

Ohhhh it's wedding season! If you are lucky enough to wear one of these fashion gods down the aisle on your big day, I am guessing you want some fabulous earrings to wear as well. Check out my new line, blue by OCD!

blue is custom-made necklaces and earrings for the beautiful bride and her entourage (aka the bridesmaids). With over 20 shades of pearls, OCD can match even the most egg shell of wedding dresses.

Not sure what to give your bridesmaids? OR trying to make the wedding party jewelry alike while not becoming bridezilla? OCD is here to help!

Here is a sneak peak of some blue pieces:

blue touch of blue swarvoski hexagon dangles $26 (also available in gold)

blue topaz drops on pearl dangle $30 (also available in gold and variety of pearl shades)

blue chandelier swavorski dangles $26 (available in gold)

blue chandelier swavorski disc drops $26 (also available in gold and clear crystals)

blue topaz gold threads $26 (available in silver)

Let OCD outfit you and your wedding party on your big day!!

**for ordering inquiries, email!




Social Calendar

hi all.. missy, becca's sister here again, bringing you a lovely post.

with summer already here, (where did spring go??) i am realizing that my social calendar is almost full until fall. i have to attend weddings, wedding showers, housewarmings, pool parties, fundraisers, baby showers, batchelorette parties, and my own birthday party to add to the list. every time i get an invite or start planning a party, i always think first about the perfect outfit to wear.

this is a big deal.
it can make or break your event.
if you don't look and feel good, you (at least me) will not have a good time.

as for me it is usually a fabulous dress. i absolutely LOVE dresses. i collect them. i have dresses for every social occasion that you can think of. i even have special dresses to wear to the movies or to the dog park... weird i know, but dresses are my thing.

some of my favorite dresses are by amazing designer thread social.

thread social "ruffled v-neck dress" $644

one of my favorite stores that you can always find thread social is in Oklahoma City, OK in Nichols Hills Plaza. if you haven't been to OKC, this should be your first stop. Its called Gretta Sloane and is owned by my BFF, katherine. they carry the best dresses anywhere... you can always find a fun party frock or an daytime pool dress in a pinch.

sooooo then my second thought after the dress is "what to wear with the dress?" I can wear these OCD earrings with every dress I own. Perfect for the party dress and perfect for the lounge maxi dress... so i call them the "socalite" earrings.

OCD "socialite" earrings $22


xoxo missy



please, please say a little prayer for me. well, pray for my iphone. it is lost.

i know there are much worse things in this world to have happened to me but i left my iphone in a cab on friday night. you know you have hit "crackberry" status when you are truly in a fog with out your multi-use cell phone. when i realized i could not check my gmail nor google my heart's desires on my savvy lil iphone, i freaked. please please pray it will end up in the "lost and found" at yellow cab headquarters!

so losing my iphone (and hopefully finding....) got me thinking about all things LOST. the LOST season finale. my iphone. lohans heterosexual sanity. jen's blackberry pearl (also lost in a cab on friday night). tumbleweeds.

wait, wait. tumbleweeds?

being from texas, i have seen some huge tumbleweeds. gigantic tumbleweeds. mostly in the little cities around west texas. so i brought one to dallas.

Tumbleweed necklace (also available in gold) $26

**for ordering options, email