we love jam

Have you ever heard of this stuff?? It is heavenly apricot jam! Oh my goodness, it is amazing!

About 2 years ago, I was perusing my favorite home d├ęcor magazine, Domino (so worth checking out) and came across this company called welovejam. This magazine always showcases a wide variety of randoms, such as small stationary companies, unique gadget stores and hole-in-the-wall antique stores. Truly, all are pearls waiting to be found.

So this stuff must be good if I am writing about it. Especially because I really didn’t like apricot jam before I tasted this stuff. Since 2002, welovejam has produced Blenheim apricot jam in extremely limited quantities (must get on the waitlist!). Starting off, they got their apricots from a single, very old, organic tree in the Santa Clara Valley in California. Then Food and Wine magazine found them, demand exceeded supply, and the rest is history.
Well, sort of. To increase production, they needed to find a Blenheim orchard. Come to find out, the Blenheim apricot is an endangered fruit. Did you know they have endangered fruit?! Kinda depressing that we, humans, kill off animals, insects and now fruit!
Luckily, they did find an orchard and well, now the rest is history. They also have awesome other products like bbq sauce, biscotti (I trust Debbie:), kumquat marmalade and more.

Just read this blurp from their website………
The Blenheim is a delicate fruit that bruises easily and therefore early on was used specifically for the production of dried apricots. It still is. Those who eat the fresh fruit either grew up close to a farm or are lucky to buy it for the short two-week period of time it can be sold in farmer’s markets. It is this delicate, fleeting and tasteful quality of the Blenheim that has won over so many people who are lucky enough to eat it picked fresh from the tree. However, the price of land here is one of the highest in the country and most farmers sell out. Then there are the cheap dried apricots imported from abroad. Seems there is no reason from a business perspective for the Blenheim. But that is a mistake.

to get on the waiting list (arrives in august), check out

In honor of apricots, this stone (the medusa citrine) mimics the color of the amazing blenheim. But don't eat it....

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