turquoise is back! again!

One trend that seems to re-appear every 3 or 4 years is turquoise jewelry. Or maybe it never goes away. Regardless, I remember my first time noticing what a huge wardrobe staple a nice turquoise piece was. It was during my first football game during my freshman year at UT. It was like every girl "got the memo" before kickoff. I imagine it included everything listed below..........

*the perfect Longhorn shirt or tank
*the perfect white or jean skirt
*rainbows (flipflops)
*acceptable date, i.e. the social chair of "xyz" frat date
*and yes, the perfect turquoise necklace

everything was perfect.

Needless to say, I spent way too much that next week on the biggest hunk of turquoise this side of the Red River. Ohhhh that baby was heavy! Luckily, I found a more toned down piece a couple weeks later at the Renaissance Market walking to class. I still love that turquoise necklace I bought from a white-haired hippie, who also sold glass pipes and would tell you your fortune for $10.

All in all, I believe this recycled trend has finally gotten it right this year with more simple (less goudy) pieces to compliment any outfit, especially white jeans (or longhorn tees :)

*Bevo approved turquoise cluster necklace $30 (also available in silver)

*bevo approved turquoise cluster earrings $22 (also available in gold)

**for ordering inquires, email