At work, we have "casual fridays" which entails you the joy of wearing jeans. It is quite ironic though, because I wear scrubs Mon-Thurs, so Friday ends up being more like dress up day for me. I like to dress up. Makes you feel good :)

That being said, I also enjoy running to starbucks in workout clothes with no intention of hitting the treadmill. I wouldn't go so far to say I am a jeans and t-shirt girl but maybe a flip flop girl. Actually, shoes and purses girl. Maybe I am just an indecisive girl?! Without a doubt, jewlery, clothes and shoes can make a person feel unique and make a boring day a bit more exciting.

Jewelry and shoes are especially wonderful to boost your confidence, because regardless of that ben & jerry's binge last night, these accessories always fit.

Last night, in honor of "casual friday," I created these pearl dangles to wear with my super cute gladiator sandals and skinny jeans.


"casual friday" pearl dangles $26 (available in gold and silver)

**email for ordering options!