One of my first

I just love the way a huge crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling and scatters light around a room. It makes me think of Sunday brunch. Ohhh I love Sunday brunch! One of my favorite places is Hatties, located in the uber hip and social mecca of Bishop Arts District. When you walk into Hatties, you walk into a crisp, white linen cocoon. Last Sunday, I had my first chicken and waffles....not for the faint at heart. It was huge! And oh so yummy! The chile maple syrup was amazing! I know it is an old, southern food but there is so many interesting combinations of food out there.
I am intrigued by chefs, college roommates and pregnant women who pair odd items together.........

*peanut butter and ice cream (summer camp favorite)
*raspberry chipotle sauce (the guy that put this combo together is millionaire by now)
*salsa and cream cheese (missy)
*cantaloupe and salt (mexican treat)
*french fries dipped in an ice cream shake (vanilla is the best)
*salt and vinegar potato chips dipped in mustard
*hot dog with mayo
*taco salad and french dressing
*salsa and baked potato
*ranch and pizza (who doesnt do that?)
*ancho chile chocolate
*pistachio ice cream (blue bell made this popular)
*ketchup and eggs
What weird foods do you like? I personally eat parmesan cheese on everything.
Ok ok, back to chandeliers.....below is one of my first and favorite necklaces I made. It is a triple chandelier swarovski crystal necklace that comes in gold or silver. I also have the stones in various colors....aqua, ruby red, amber, violet and my favorite, black.

Original Chandelier $32
**For ordering information, please email