muddy buddy 2008

Have you ever been muddy? Like real muddy?? Head to toe covered? Well, this past weekend, I was. Chandler and I participated in a race called Muddy Buddy in Johnson City, outside of Austin. Look how happy we look at 6 am (we left for the race at 5:30)

Before the race………

Ok, so the race is slightly complicated. You and your buddy make up a running / mountain biking team, equipped with one bike and two helmets. At the start line, one team member starts on the bike while the other member starts running. There are 5 legs of the entire 6+ mile course, each leg divided by an obstacle.

Once the biker comes to the first obstacle, they drop the bike, complete the obstacle and begin running in that next part of the race. Moments later, the runner will make it to the first obstacle, which they will complete, grab the bike and begin riding.

This piggy back style race is intense….imagine biking a treacherous mile or so of the course only to climb through a ropes or rock climbing obstacle and then begin running for another treacherous mile or so, continuing to do so 4 more times. I believe I am athletic, and can hang with the big boys but this race was tough! I am still sore!

The best part of the race and why it is named “muddy buddy” is because of the final obstacle. See below.

After the race…………

So after the final leg of the race, you should be caught up with your buddy. You meet before the mud pit, grab each others hand and crawl through it together. Yummmmmmmm

Needless to say, Team Mud Bugs had a blast! And we got 11th place (out of our age range of 70 teams!)

So in honor of muddy buddy, I made these earrings from labradorite crystals that look like droplets of mud.

Labradorite droplets $22 (available in gold and silver)

**email for ordering options.

have a muddy day!