turquoise is back! again!

One trend that seems to re-appear every 3 or 4 years is turquoise jewelry. Or maybe it never goes away. Regardless, I remember my first time noticing what a huge wardrobe staple a nice turquoise piece was. It was during my first football game during my freshman year at UT. It was like every girl "got the memo" before kickoff. I imagine it included everything listed below..........

*the perfect Longhorn shirt or tank
*the perfect white or jean skirt
*rainbows (flipflops)
*acceptable date, i.e. the social chair of "xyz" frat date
*and yes, the perfect turquoise necklace

everything was perfect.

Needless to say, I spent way too much that next week on the biggest hunk of turquoise this side of the Red River. Ohhhh that baby was heavy! Luckily, I found a more toned down piece a couple weeks later at the Renaissance Market walking to class. I still love that turquoise necklace I bought from a white-haired hippie, who also sold glass pipes and would tell you your fortune for $10.

All in all, I believe this recycled trend has finally gotten it right this year with more simple (less goudy) pieces to compliment any outfit, especially white jeans (or longhorn tees :)

*Bevo approved turquoise cluster necklace $30 (also available in silver)

*bevo approved turquoise cluster earrings $22 (also available in gold)

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we love jam

Have you ever heard of this stuff?? It is heavenly apricot jam! Oh my goodness, it is amazing!

About 2 years ago, I was perusing my favorite home d├ęcor magazine, Domino (so worth checking out) and came across this company called welovejam. This magazine always showcases a wide variety of randoms, such as small stationary companies, unique gadget stores and hole-in-the-wall antique stores. Truly, all are pearls waiting to be found.

So this stuff must be good if I am writing about it. Especially because I really didn’t like apricot jam before I tasted this stuff. Since 2002, welovejam has produced Blenheim apricot jam in extremely limited quantities (must get on the waitlist!). Starting off, they got their apricots from a single, very old, organic tree in the Santa Clara Valley in California. Then Food and Wine magazine found them, demand exceeded supply, and the rest is history.
Well, sort of. To increase production, they needed to find a Blenheim orchard. Come to find out, the Blenheim apricot is an endangered fruit. Did you know they have endangered fruit?! Kinda depressing that we, humans, kill off animals, insects and now fruit!
Luckily, they did find an orchard and well, now the rest is history. They also have awesome other products like bbq sauce, biscotti (I trust Debbie:), kumquat marmalade and more.

Just read this blurp from their website………
The Blenheim is a delicate fruit that bruises easily and therefore early on was used specifically for the production of dried apricots. It still is. Those who eat the fresh fruit either grew up close to a farm or are lucky to buy it for the short two-week period of time it can be sold in farmer’s markets. It is this delicate, fleeting and tasteful quality of the Blenheim that has won over so many people who are lucky enough to eat it picked fresh from the tree. However, the price of land here is one of the highest in the country and most farmers sell out. Then there are the cheap dried apricots imported from abroad. Seems there is no reason from a business perspective for the Blenheim. But that is a mistake.

to get on the waiting list (arrives in august), check out

In honor of apricots, this stone (the medusa citrine) mimics the color of the amazing blenheim. But don't eat it....

*medusa citrine in gold circle (other stones available and in silver) $24
**for ordering options, email




At work, we have "casual fridays" which entails you the joy of wearing jeans. It is quite ironic though, because I wear scrubs Mon-Thurs, so Friday ends up being more like dress up day for me. I like to dress up. Makes you feel good :)

That being said, I also enjoy running to starbucks in workout clothes with no intention of hitting the treadmill. I wouldn't go so far to say I am a jeans and t-shirt girl but maybe a flip flop girl. Actually, shoes and purses girl. Maybe I am just an indecisive girl?! Without a doubt, jewlery, clothes and shoes can make a person feel unique and make a boring day a bit more exciting.

Jewelry and shoes are especially wonderful to boost your confidence, because regardless of that ben & jerry's binge last night, these accessories always fit.

Last night, in honor of "casual friday," I created these pearl dangles to wear with my super cute gladiator sandals and skinny jeans.


"casual friday" pearl dangles $26 (available in gold and silver)

**email for ordering options!



muddy buddy 2008

Have you ever been muddy? Like real muddy?? Head to toe covered? Well, this past weekend, I was. Chandler and I participated in a race called Muddy Buddy in Johnson City, outside of Austin. Look how happy we look at 6 am (we left for the race at 5:30)

Before the race………

Ok, so the race is slightly complicated. You and your buddy make up a running / mountain biking team, equipped with one bike and two helmets. At the start line, one team member starts on the bike while the other member starts running. There are 5 legs of the entire 6+ mile course, each leg divided by an obstacle.

Once the biker comes to the first obstacle, they drop the bike, complete the obstacle and begin running in that next part of the race. Moments later, the runner will make it to the first obstacle, which they will complete, grab the bike and begin riding.

This piggy back style race is intense….imagine biking a treacherous mile or so of the course only to climb through a ropes or rock climbing obstacle and then begin running for another treacherous mile or so, continuing to do so 4 more times. I believe I am athletic, and can hang with the big boys but this race was tough! I am still sore!

The best part of the race and why it is named “muddy buddy” is because of the final obstacle. See below.

After the race…………

So after the final leg of the race, you should be caught up with your buddy. You meet before the mud pit, grab each others hand and crawl through it together. Yummmmmmmm

Needless to say, Team Mud Bugs had a blast! And we got 11th place (out of our age range of 70 teams!)

So in honor of muddy buddy, I made these earrings from labradorite crystals that look like droplets of mud.

Labradorite droplets $22 (available in gold and silver)

**email for ordering options.

have a muddy day!



keep austin weird

I am a Dallas girl, no doubt about it. Just check out my big blonde hair, even bigger shoe closet, and bubbly attitude . Even my senior prom was at Southfork Ranch (where they filmed Dallas).

But I spent a significant part of my life as an Austinite. I attended the first
Austin City Limits concert, drank lots of vodka tonics on Sixth St, and graduated with a bachelor of science in biology at the amazing University of Texas. I adore the city of Austin! (except for the awful Austin woman, who looked homeless, and stole missy's blackberry at Kinkos......not cool)

In addition to the amazing outdoor venues--Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, Zilker Park,
Mount Bonnell, Lake Travis-- Austin has some of the best restaurants, great boutiques and super funky shops.

One of my all time favorite boutiques is called
Peyton's Place located at 215 Lavaca St in downtown Austin. Peyton's Place carries cute summer staples like lightweight dresses, tops and accessories. I bought a gray handbag that has a long gold chain that I adore! They also carry fun sandals and shoes that include Toms (which supports a worthy cause!). I have some pink and navy Toms that look awesome with rolled up skinny jeans and a white tee. Ohhhh the best part, Peyton's Place won't cost you a zillion dollars either. Ask for miss Claire....she is my supermodel best friend and would love to help you with whatever fashion tips you need (she worked for Zac Posen, designer god, in NYC!)

Did I mention their amazing jewelry selection.....................

one of the earring pairs peyton place now offers.......... chains with swarovski crystals $26

**email for ordering!



The Bachelor

You screamed.....for like the 10th season. I don't know why we still watch this silly show but I am so guilty of it! So who did you like better?? Chelsea? Shane? Well, if you didn't see it.....he choose Shane. Very anti-climatic.

BTW.....I loved how each girl this season verbally abused Matt after they got dumped. Drama!!!

I personally liked Amanda (aka Meeps).....remember the cute girl who had chronic hiccups?! She was solid. Why she was on the bachelor, not sure? Anyway, I present this necklace in honor of Meeps~nothing is more classic than pearls and Meeps seemed classic to me and my fellow roomies.

This is my modern twist on the classic pearl necklace.

Pearl grape cluster $30

**For ordering information, email



Call your mother!

Hi everyone! I am Missy, the second half of OCD and Becca's sister. In honor of mother's day, I am writing about our amazing mom. Growing up, she always dressed Becca and I in perfectly fabulous outfits for each day. When we got a bit older, we had so many amazing clothes we would change into 3-4 outfits a day...This I am sure was frustrating for whomever was doing the laundry, but never the less we loved our clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Becca and I both attribute our keen sense of style to our beautiful mother. She always looks chic. Mom can be wearing a chanel handbag, jimmy choo sandals, and a dress from target and look unbelievable. When the three of us are together, we get asked if we are all sisters. And this happens a lot!

She is absolutely beautiful!

So today mom, we thank you for your wisdom, grace and beauty! For all the times you helped us with our hair, our dresses, picking out our accessories for the day, and especially for your love. You mean the world to us both!!

the Beth necklace (available in gold or silver plated $50, sterling silver $125, 18K gold $350)

engraving choices....

**to place an order, email

Happy Mom's Day!



One of my first

I just love the way a huge crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling and scatters light around a room. It makes me think of Sunday brunch. Ohhh I love Sunday brunch! One of my favorite places is Hatties, located in the uber hip and social mecca of Bishop Arts District. When you walk into Hatties, you walk into a crisp, white linen cocoon. Last Sunday, I had my first chicken and waffles....not for the faint at heart. It was huge! And oh so yummy! The chile maple syrup was amazing! I know it is an old, southern food but there is so many interesting combinations of food out there.
I am intrigued by chefs, college roommates and pregnant women who pair odd items together.........

*peanut butter and ice cream (summer camp favorite)
*raspberry chipotle sauce (the guy that put this combo together is millionaire by now)
*salsa and cream cheese (missy)
*cantaloupe and salt (mexican treat)
*french fries dipped in an ice cream shake (vanilla is the best)
*salt and vinegar potato chips dipped in mustard
*hot dog with mayo
*taco salad and french dressing
*salsa and baked potato
*ranch and pizza (who doesnt do that?)
*ancho chile chocolate
*pistachio ice cream (blue bell made this popular)
*ketchup and eggs
What weird foods do you like? I personally eat parmesan cheese on everything.
Ok ok, back to chandeliers.....below is one of my first and favorite necklaces I made. It is a triple chandelier swarovski crystal necklace that comes in gold or silver. I also have the stones in various colors....aqua, ruby red, amber, violet and my favorite, black.

Original Chandelier $32
**For ordering information, please email


I can't live without......

"Van Cleef and Arpels" necklaces and earrings. And no, these won't cost you a paycheck either!

*all designs are available in gold and silver

Single clover pearl on silver $30

Long clover pearl earrings $24 Multi clover pearl necklace $36

short clover pearl earrings $24

I can hear my mom laughing at how I pronounce "arpels" right now. Don't worry mom! My design is called Clover Pearls instead..........
**If you would like to order any pieces you see on this blog, please email
Happy Hump day!


have a hangy?

Those margaritas were great last night, but now.............. Have a hangy? Grab a gatorade and forgo the tex-mex you stumbled home with last night. Instead, try a potato chip!

This one won't add to your afternoon crash (or cellulite) either!

"Pringle" necklace in gold $30

"Pringle" earrings in gold $24


reducing my carbon footprint

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Today is my first real post and what a better way than to showcase earth friendly earrings! All of these earrings are composed of 70% or more organic materials. So what is organic mean exactly? Ends up, it is more than just something you can brag about to your yoga teacher.

As defined by, Organic is defined as:

1. noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.
2. characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms: organic remains found in rocks.

So you are wearing petrifed living organisms. Well, at least they are pretty! (and really lightweight I may add.........)

And footprint....feet are involved???

What the term "carbon footprint" means from an artical in Marie Claire:

It’s a measure of the total amount of harmful greenhouse-gas emissions that people produce, either directly or indirectly. These gases warm the atmosphere by absorbing heat that’s radiated by the earth, then releasing only a portion of that heat into space. The most dangerous, long-lasting greenhouse gases produced by humans are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (aerosols containing this were banned in the U.S. nearly 30 years ago). Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is the most pervasive of the evil gases (a molecule stays airborne for more than a century), and since it’s tough to separate and quantify each distinct greenhouse gas, scientists commonly use CO2 to measure the global-warming problem.
** materials use less harmful gases, reducing the greenhouse effect and enabling you to look chic and smart to your yogi and hippie friends!

blue topaz on large organic gold $30
pearl on small organic gold $20
multi pearls on large organic silver $26
aqua crystal on large organic gold rounds $24
pearls on small organic silver $20

Please email for ordering and purchasing requests!